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Have you found a new home or are planning to build a home, but you have more answers than questions and don’t know where to begin? Apply for a consultation, and our experienced consultants will help give you answers.

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  • Find out the full process from finding a property or starting your build to holding the keys to your new home in your hands
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Advice and recommendations on buying a home

  • Nine things to do so that you receive a mortgage the first time

    Purchasing property involves much more than just finding your dream home in your perfect neighbourhood. We have gathered together a list of things we recommend you do to prepare, so that you can both find a suitable home and receive financing to purchase it without any stumbling blocks. Read more.

  • Your own house: how much money do Latvians spend?

    When you get fed up of living with neighbours in a block of flats, and your heart yearns for your own lawn and greenhouse, you start thinking about purchasing a house. However, when you start looking at your options, it often seems as though there simply isn’t anything to buy. Read more.

  • 6 tips for choosing a weekend home to ensure your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare

    A weekend home is often an emotional purchase that doesn’t come cheap. To ensure that your dream of an idyllic getaway property doesn’t turn into an albatross around your neck, we have gathered some experience-based recommendations and described the most typical mistakes made when choosing a weekend home. Read more.

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