Borrower’s life insurance

Insure your life and take care of financially supporting your loved ones

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  • Additional financial supportShare your financial responsibility with the insurer
  • Insure more than one lifeIn addition, insure the life of both yourself and your co-borrower or guarantor
  • Income tax rebate every yearAdd savings to your insurance and receive an income tax rebate every year of up to 20 %*

Why insure your life?

When you take on a loan, you also take on an additional responsibility to your loved ones. By insuring your life, you will provide financial support to your family in case of an accident.

Borrower’s life insurance

  • Insure your life for the sum of your mortgage. That way, you can be sure that, should you die, your loved ones will not have to worry about repaying a loan. If you wish, you can also be insured for a larger sum
  • You can also insure the life of the mortgage guarantor and co-borrower for the sum of the mortgage
  • If you wish, you can also build savings in addition to life insurance, allowing you to pay back your loan faster or save for a longer-term goal such as your children’s education
  • When you make these savings, you can receive an income tax rebate every year of up to 20 % of your savings and insurance premiums*
  • You can sign an insurance agreement even if your mortgage was obtained through a different bank
  • In the case of death, the insured person’s loan is covered from the insurance payout in accordance with the insurance agreement

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Service provided by Citadele subsidiary AAS CBL Life

Great value!

When you sign a new life insurance agreement with CBL Life, receive a 30 % discount on your accident insurance risk payments (insurance premium), regardless of the total sum of your life insurance policy.

If an accident happens:

  • Must fill in an insurance claim for the insurer online or in person at any Citadele branch in Latvia
  • Afterwards, must send the insurer a description of the incident and medical documents confirming and regarding the accident
  • The insurer will do everything in its power to investigate the claim as soon as possible
  • If necessary, the insurer will contact via the phone number or email address on the claim application

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