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  • Instant paymentsPay instantly to more than 1,900 banks worldwide
  • Extensive payment optionsChoose yours according to your habits and availability
  • Automatic bill paymentApply, and the bank will take care of the rest

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You can make payments and transfers through the online bank, mobile app, ATM or in-branch

Payments to phone number

Payments are simpler from now on! Mobile phone number is now enough to make a transfer – you don't need to know the bank account number. Citadele is the first bank in Latvia that offers a possibility to send payments to telephone numbers of friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbours. What do you need to do?

  • Add your phone number to the Instant Links registry, held by the Bank of Latvia. You can do it via Citadele mobile application. Recipient needs to be registered as well
  • Use the Pay to phone number function. You'll find this by selecting the Pay option in the app. Select recipient's telephone number from the contact list or enter it manually
  • Payment commission will be the same as when you make a transfer to bank account number

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Instant payments

Instant payments are Euro transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including bank holidays

  • Transfer money instantly
  • Lightning-fast transfers of up to 15,000 Euro to more than 1,900 EU banks
  • Money will be in the recipient’s account within 10 seconds*
  • Money transferred by instant payment can be used immediately

*If the recipient’s bank cannot accept the payment as an instant payment, it will require additional checks. These payments are processed as normal payments.

Regular Payments

If you have regular payments for a fixed amount, such as electricity, leasing, internet, rent or television payments, the bank will take care of them, taking a regular standing order from your account

  • The payment of a standing order ensures the transfer of a fixed amount to the account set by you at regular times
  • Standing orders can be activated, changed, or, if necessary, cancelled for free through the online bank, in any of our branches. Or by calling 6701 0000. If you choose to activate them by phone, please consider that it will only be possible if you have made a template or the necessary payment has occured within last 3 months. Maximum sum of regular payment activated by phone is 200 euro

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Regular payment of e-bills

Entrust the payment of your bills to the bank!

  • When you activate regular e-bill payments, from then on bills will be paid by the bank with transfers from your account. Sum and regularity of payments is unlimited
  • If you don’t use Citadele online banking, you can apply for this service in any of our branches or by calling 6701 0000
  • Keep track of your e-bills here. If necessary, you can also cancel payment of a bill

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What other transfers are available?

  • Internal transfers - transfers between your own Citadele accounts, as well as between different Citadele clients throughout the Baltics
  • SEPA transfers - Euro transfers between the banks of the 28 EU member states whose recipient accounts have IBAN numbers. We fulfil SEPA transfers as standard payments
  • International payments - payments in international currency or Euro to banks located outside the European Union

Cash transactions

In branch office "Citadele", Republikas laukums 2a, Riga, you can deposit and withdraw cash, as well as other cash transactions.

  • Deposit cash—up to 15,000 EUR—into your own or someone else’s Citadele account, including into the State Treasury of Latvia
  • Withdraw an unlimited amount from your own Citadele account. If the sum exceeds the branch limit, we will need advance notice of the withdrawal of at least 2 business days. To do this, fill in an application form at any branch and pay the commission fee
  • Personal ID must be shown for cash transactions when requested by a Citadele employee

Branches and ATMs

Non-cash currency exchange

  • You can exchange non-cash currency through the online bank, even to a currency that is not your account currency. If you do this from a multi-currency account, you will automatically be offered our improved exchange rate based on the amount to be exchanged

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Escrow account

What should you do if you have a potentially promising transaction, but wish to reduce the risk that the other party doesn’t fulfil their obligations? Our advice - create a transaction account. We will ensure that, once one party has fulfilled their obligations, the other pays.

  • Complete real estate and other transactions
  • There may be an increased commission fee if there are more than three parties involved in the transactions; the agreement must be prepared in another language; the account needs to be opened urgently; or the standard terms and conditions are changed per the customer’s request
  • Please bear in mind that, when submitting an application, all involved parties must sign
  • Apply for a Transaction Account remotely by signing an application form using eParaksts and emailing it to, or by filling in a free-form order through the online bank and attaching an application. You can also submit an application at any of our customer service locations.

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