Payment ring

The most elegant payment tool.


Super-fast payments

Beep and go!


Secure payments

Confirm larger sums using your PIN code.


Nothing else needed

Leave your wallet and your phone at home.

How to pay with a ring?

  • To pay, bring your hand, closed in a fist, near the payment terminal.
  • The payment ring works just the same as your payment card: with contactless functionality.
  • To confirm payments above 50 EUR, you will have to enter your ring’s PIN code.

  • Create a PIN code for your ring in the Citadele mobile app. You will need this to confirm payments over 50 EUR.
  • You can also use the app to change your PIN if you have forgotten your existing one.
  • Oversee your expenditures and payment history.
  • Manage your ring settings—block and unblock your ring.
  • The payment ring is made of hard wearing ceramic material which protects it from scratches and damage.
  • The ring coating is waterproof: play sports, wash your hands and swim without worrying.
Order ring

  • If you got the ring in a branch, it's already been activated and you don't have to do anything about it.
  • If you received the ring remotely, call us for ring activation +371 6701 0000. You'll need to authorize with a voice password.
hand holding coffee cup and has ring on finger

Don’t have C card yet?

Select the one most suitable card for you and start enjoying the wide range of benefits.

  • Free transfers within Latvia and Europe.
  • Free cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.
  • Extensive insurance coverage for travels and purchases.
  • Option of adding a credit limit up to 15 000 EUR.
  • C REWARDS discounts and prizes.
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C supreme and C prime

Always available additional funding, extensive travel and purchase insurance and discounts both in Latvia and abroad.
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Consumer loan

Financing of up to 20 000 EUR to help with your plans. With no deposit, collateral and security.
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Mobile app

Use the bank’s services at a time and place convenient to you. Confirm payments using your face or fingerprint.
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