Bank in your pocket

The Bank’s most popular services 24/7

  • Payment cardsSee balance and manage the cards
  • Touch ID and Face IDApprove payments with your favorite method
  • Customer support 24/7Contact the bank's employees in app's chat

Services on the app

  • Change the PIN code for your cards, wristbands or stickers even if you’ve forgotten the old PIN
  • Make transfers, create templates and pay bills by scanning a bar code
  • Pay using a phone number: you no longer need to know an account number!
  • Block and unblock cards, and order a new one
  • Apply for consumer and car loans if you’ve found out your credit score through our online bank or in branch

Become a Citadele client and receive X smart card remotely

If you are not yet our client, you can join us without coming to a bank! Now, all you need is our app: take a “selfie”, and we will deliver your card to you within Latvian borders for free.

  • Take a photo of yourself, your ID and both together
  • Fill in an application and receive your new X smart card by post in your address
  • Activate it through the app

More on X Smart

If you are 16 years old but not yet 18, you should apply in person rather than via selfie, bringing one of your parents to any of our branches

Even more opportunities

  • X smart card for every day

    X REWARDS prizes and discounts. Earn on your account balance. Free Euro transfers to all of Europe.

    Apply conveniently and easily

  • Modern contactless payments

    Choose your contactless payment method - wristband, sticker or phone.

    Find out more

  • Credit rating

    Take 5 minutes to find out instantly how much we can lend you and at what interest rate.

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