What to do if you have difficulty making loan and/or lease payments

  • Contact your loan specialist to discuss the situation and find the most suitable solution together.
  • Fill in an application to amend the terms of your loan agreements through our website or online bank. After receiving the application, your loan specialist will call you.
  • If you don’t know who your loan specialist is, call Citadele’s customer support line on 6701 0000.
  • If you cannot continue to adhere to your repayment schedule as part of your current loan agreement, we offer restructuring of existing agreements, in which you can sign a debt repayment agreement.
  • Apply for a consumer loan restructuring solution by filling in an application. We evaluate each one individually, and will send our decision via email, also notifying you via SMS. If your application is approved, you will sign your new agreement (debt repayment agreement) through the Citadele online bank, after which your previous agreement will become void.

Potential solutions


  1. Loan repayment holiday (pausing repayments on your loan principal while only paying interest).
  2. Extending the repayment term of the loan.
  3. Changing the repayment schedule from linear (fixed principal payments plus interest) to an annuity schedule (fixed monthly payments).
  4. Consolidating several loans (adding unsecured loans to your mortgage loan).


  1. Loan repayment holiday (only pay interest during the grace period while maintaining your current agreement).
  2. Extending the lease term.

Consumer loan

Restructuring/consolidating your existing loans by signing a debt repayment agreement.

Please bear in mind that these are short term solutions, so carefully consider the justification and need for these changes.