3rd Pension Pillar Savings

Capital and more opportunities for a well-provided future


  • Free choice for paymentsChoose how often and what sum you pay
  • Tax rebateClaim back 20% on your income tax
  • Inheritable savingsChoose a person who will inherit your savings, if you prefer

Smaller commission - bigger savings!

  • Special offer! Sign a level 3 pension agreement with savings worth €500 (550 USD) or more and pay an annual commission fee of just 0.6%.
  • Offer valid until 30.06.2023.


Select a plan and start your 3rd pension pillar savings

  • Less than 10 years until you retire? You are most suited to CBL Sabalansētais pension plan, which invests in lower-risk financial instruments
  • More than 10 years until you retire? We suggest you choose CBL Aktīvais pension plan, which invests in dynamic financial instruments. The risks are higher, but it is expected that long-term profit will be greater
  • The service is provided and managed by Citadele Group affiliate AS CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds


What is the difference between pension pillars?

  • 1st Pension Pillar is a statutory non-funded pension scheme, or Mandatory social insurance contributions. These are used to pay the pensions to the existing pensioners. Using information about your saved pension capital, the government will pay you a pillar 1 pension from the social contributions of those working in the future.
  • 2nd Pension Pillar is a state-funded pension scheme—compulsory for those born after July 1st, 1971. For this pillar, part of your monthly social insurance contributions is directed towards your chosen financial manager and invested in the financial and capital market. Thus, your capital is saved and increased. The 1st and 2nd pension pillars can contribute a predicted future pension of 50% of your current income.
  • 3rd Pension Pillar is a voluntary pension scheme. You or someone else, such as your employer, can make unlimited contributions. These payments are also invested in the financial and capital market, and your saved capital is inheritable.
  • Together, all three pillars may provide a predicted future pension of 70% of your current income.

Ensure your future welfare

  • Start saving with your choice of monthly payment, even from 30 Euro monthly
  • Receive your saved capital at age 55, or continue saving
  • Your savings are inheritable—you decide who benefits
  • You can receive your savings all at once or in parts

3rd Pension Pillar Calculator

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10 EUR

4 000 EUR


1 %

8 %



Calculations are merely informative and are made based on the income tax and capital gains tax rates in force as of January 1st, 2018. In accordance with the Republic of Latvia income tax law, tax rebates can be claimed on contributions amounting to no more than 10% of your annual taxable income, and no more than 4,000 Euro. *Administrative expenses include the Financial and Capital Market Commission deduction and pension fund administrative costs in accordance with the terms of the pension plan. Meanwhile, remuneration for the manager and holder of the funds are included in the planned capital return (in investments). ** Pension plan investments are made with the aim of producing profit, however, profitability is not guaranteed and there may also be losses and a reduction in pension capital. Please bear in mind that past profitability does not guarantee future profitability.