Savings account+

For deposits over €15,000 in a Savings account+ annual interest rate - 0.40%! View our deposit interest rates and price list. Offer applies from 18.07.2022.

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  • Separate savingsSave in an account separate from your everyday expenditure at no additional cost
  • Free choice of paymentsSet your own minimum sum and payment regularity

More secure in a savings account

If all your money comes into your everyday account, it’s difficult to save. Daily spending knows no boundaries. If you use a savings account, you have a better chance of saving for your dreams and goals.

Savings account+ calculator

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100 EUR

10 000 EUR


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The calculation is initial and approximate. The exact sum depends on details of the deposit agreement.

More opportunities to save

  • Deposit rates and fees
  • Possibility of transferring money to another your account at any time without additional costs, informing the bank 35 days in advance
  • It will be easier to save with regular payment– set it up, and bank will automatically add to your savings on each payday

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