Accumulative life insurance

Save for your goals and don’t stress about the unexpected

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  • Cumulative life insuranceInsure your life, save for your goals and dreams
  • Loan-holders life insuranceGet insured for the sum of your loans
  • Tax rebateClaim back up to 20% on your income tax

Why insure your life and start saving?

Life insurance with savings will help you feel more secure about your future plans: it will help you ensure financial support for yourself and your loved ones in case of an accident, particularly if you have taken out loans. If you wish,  you can both insure and save when signing one contract. These savings will help you to reach various goals: save for your children’s education, a down payment on a home, or faster repayment of loans.

Accumulative life insurance

  • Insure your life and protect yourself against unexpected and unpleasant life situations: injuries and disability caused by accidents
  • Anyone can save: save for large or small goals, starting from 30 EUR per month
  • Freely add life insurance to an existing savings contract
  • If you have a large family and a 3+ Family Card, we will process your insurance contract for free. We will also give you a discount on the commission fee and bonus accident insurance
  • You can link your savings to your savings account rate, or share, bond or strategic investment funds
  • The service is provided and managed by Citadele Group affiliate AAS CBL Life

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Great value!

When you sign a new life insurance agreement with AAS CBL Life, receive a 30 % discount on accident insurance payments regardless of the amount your life insurance contract covers.

Borrower’s life insurance

When you take on a loan, you also take on an additional responsibility towards your loved ones. Share this with us by choosing borrower’s life insurance from AAS CBL Life

  • Insure your life for the equivalent sum of your loans and be insured against unexpected life situations: injuries and disability caused by accidents. If you wish, you can also choose to be insured for a larger sum
  • One insurance contract can insure both the borrower and the co-borrower’s life
  • Save to repay faster: in addition to insuring the borrower’s life, you can also build savings. When saving in this way, you will be able to receive a rebate on your income tax for your savings and insurance risk payments of up to 20 % of the amount*
  • Apply for borrower’s life insurance even if your loan is with a different credit institution
  • In the case of loss of life, the insured person’s loans will be covered from the payout in accordance with the terms of your life insurance agreement

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* In accordance with the Republic of Latvia’s Law On Personal Income Tax, you can receive a tax rebate on payments not exceeding 10 % of your annual taxable income to a maximum of €4,000.

If an accident takes place:

  • Fill in an application online or in any Citadele branch in Latvia.
  • Send us a description of the accident and medical documents proving and linked with the event.
  • We will do all we can to process your claim as quickly as possible.
  • If necessary, we will contact you via the phone number or email which you provide.

Tax calculator

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4 800 EUR

120 000 EUR

Annual savings payments



1 000 EUR

Predicted tax rebate on your annual payments made

The calculator demonstrates the basic principles of the tax rebate, but does not guarantee absolute precision, because your own specific information is not taken into account in the calculation. You can find out more about income tax rebates in the section Income tax rebate.