How to start investing in funds, shares and bonds?*

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*AS "Citadele banka" does not offer investment portfolio management services, fund and asset management services, individual consultations on investing in financial instruments, or recommendations on the capital markets. These services are provided by companies in the Citadele Group: IPAS "CBL Asset Management", AAS "CBL Life" and AS "CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds”.

3 simple steps to start investing

  • Sign an agreement with Citadele bank

    on the opening of a financial instrument account and the enabling of transactions with financial instruments (in accordance with which Citadele will open a financial instrument and financial instrument cash account for you). This is an account into which the securities you purchase will be transferred, as well as the money you intend to use for financial instrument transactions.

  • Transfer funds to your financial instrument cash account

    in the way that's easiest for you

  • Submit a security purchase/sale order

    in the online bank or by calling to a broker

Possibilities of signing a contract

  • The Citadele online bank

    Investments > Creat new > Application for conclusion of the Contract on Financial Instruments Accounts and Transactions

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  • In the branch

    At the Citadele Head Office in Riga, 2A Republikas Laukums, first having contacted a broker by phone at +371 67010555 or by email at


Possibilities for transferring funds to your the financial instruments cash account

  • The Citadele online bank

    Payments > Payments between accounts

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  • The Citadele mobile app

    Pay > Between accounts

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  • Additional options

    You can also exchange currency within your financial instrument account. You can do this through the Citadele online bank: Payments > Currency exchange.

    Currency exchange in online bank

Possibilities for submitting an order to buy/sell securities

  • The Citadele online bank

    Investments > New order > Order for investment fund unit purchase or redemption or Order for stocks purchase/sale, or Order for bond purchase/sale

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  • Other opportunities

    By calling a Citadele broker at +371 67010555


Worth to know

If you wish to invest in shares traded on the United States markets, you will also need to fill in and submit a W-8BEN tax form. Find out more by calling a Citadele broker at +371 67010555.