On-site consultations only with a certificate

As of October 11th, in adherence to the government’s decisions on the state of emergency and requirements for an epidemiologically safe environment, branches will only be open in person for those with a prior appointment and a valid COVID-19 certificate confirming vaccination or recent recovery. We ask customers to check whether the service they need is available remotely.

Meanwhile, customers without the aforementioned certificate who need a bank service which is not available remotely are asked to call our 24-hour phone line at 6701 0000. Please bear in mind that waiting times may be longer than usual, depending on customer activity. 

If a customer books an appointment at one of our branches, but cannot show a valid COVID-19 certificate on entry, we will have to refuse entry to the branch.

  • Please note that some services, such as instant card replacement or cash transactions, are only available at certain branches. If these services are available in the selected branch, you will see them in the menu.
  • If you make a reservation outside Latvia, or in computer or phone other time is set, pay attention to the time zone. Reservation in Latvian time must be selected (UTC + 02: 00) Riga time zone. In booking calendars time zone appears under calendar, when topic and date, time is selected.

Choose branch and apply online

Branch office "Citadele", Republikas square 2a, Rīga
Сustomer service center "Akropole", Maskavas str. 257, Rīga (F entrance)
Сustomer service center "Alfa", Brīvības alley 372, Rīga
Сustomer service center "Domina", Ieriķu street 3, Rīga
Сustomer service center "Spice Home", Jaunmoku street 13, Rīga (in branch "Spice Home" we serve in a queue order)
Consultation center Bauska, Zala street 1, Bauska
Consultation center Cēsis, Pļavas street 5, Cēsis  (''Cēsu klēts'', 2nd floor)
Branch "Daugavpils", Rīgas street 34, Daugavpils
Branch "Gulbene", Rīgas street 47, Gulbene
Branch "Jelgava", Mātera street 23/25, Jelgava
Branch "Jēkabpils", Brīvības street 140/142 - 7, Jēkabpils
Branch "Liepāja", Radio street 19-1N, Liepāja
Branch "Limbaži", Rīgas street 7, Limbaži
Branch "Ogre", Rīgas iela 23, Ogre
Branch "Rēzekne", Galdnieku iela 8, Rēzekne
Сustomer service center "Saldus", Striķu street 10C, Saldus
Branch "Talsi", Lielā street 4, Talsi
Branch "Tukums", Brīvības square 9, Tukums
Branch "Valmiera", Diakonāta street 6, Valmiera
Branch "Ventspils", Pils street 17, Ventspils


Please bear in mind that the use of a face mask which covers your nose and mouth is compulsory while visiting a branch.

Before visiting a branch, we ask all clients to be responsible and ensure the health of themselves and others by adhering to Latvia’s epidemiological measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Please stay at home and select a remote service rather than visiting a branch if you: 

  • have had any contact with a COVID-19 patient and are required to isolate at home for 10 or 14 days, including: 
    • clients who live in the same household as someone who must isolate for 10 days based on the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s list of countries; 
    • clients who have been in contact with anyone who has returned from overseas within the past 10 days, or with a contact person as set by the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; 
    • clients who have visited a healthcare facility in which COVID-19 patients are being treating; 
  • have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or have any symptoms of severe respiratory illness: high temperature, dry cough, throat pain or breathlessness. We hope these clients get well soon, and ask them to only visit a branch once fully recovered! 

If you fall under one of the aforementioned categories, we would like to remind you that, before requesting and receiving a service from Citadele you must inform a Citadele employee of the risk of infection. This information must also be given before any direct physical contact with another person at Citadele. Honest compliance with this requirement will not only help us find the best way of providing your service, but will also protect other clients and our employees from the risk of infection.
Bank employees have the right to ask for confirmation that clients have read the above information and that they comply. This is done in accordance with Citadele’s legal interests and with the interests of public health in mind, as well as to ensure safety measures  protecting its employees against the risk of illness. On receiving information regarding non-compliance with the aforementioned criteria, Citadele has the right to refuse in-person services and to not permit the said person entry into a branch. In case of a spread of infection, Citadele has the right to notify the Latvian State Police and the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. 

We would like to remind you that not adhering to epidemiological safety measures can have legal consequences. 
When you receive a service, you confirm that you have read the above information and will abide mentioned instructions. 

Let’s protect our health and each other!

Video consultations

Both existing clients and those who wish to find out more about Citadele’s services before becoming a client can apply for a video consultation with a bank specialist. During the consultation, you can find out how to open an account and learn more about your loan opportunities, service tariffs, pension tiers, remote services and other possibilities. Come to the bank while staying at home!

For private customers, overall topics
Mortgage loan video consultation
For business customers about loans