X smart - more than a debit card

Enhance your active lifestyle with a new type of debit card!

  • Remote ApplicationApply in the app or online bank and receive your card by post
  • Free paymentsMake payments and instant payments throughout Europe without a commission fee
  • Cash anywhere in the worldWithdraw up to 800 EUR from an ATM for no commission fee anywhere in the world

Free for Young People and Children

  • Get the advantage of using X smart card for free if you are aged between 7 and 21
  • For added convenience, use our modern contactless payment tools: wristband, sticker, phone or Apple pay (from 13 years)
  • Apply using a selfie if you are over 18, and receive your X smart card remotely
  • If you are aged between 7 and 18, come and open an account with your parents. Young people aged 16 and over with a regular income can come to a branch and open an account on their own
  • Parents of younger children: oversee your child’s spending in the online bank, and be alongside them as you teach them to manage their money

More about X smart for youth

Know someone with X smart card?

  • Ask your friend to share promo code, use it when you apply for card, and you can use your X smart for 6 months for free
  • Every X smart card holder can receive promo code by contacting us on a mobile app chat, online bank message or by phone
  • The promo code can be used by an unlimited number of people
  • The unique promo code holder can receive a discount on their X smart monthly fee for up to 24 months

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  • Receive discounts and special offers

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Apply in mobile app and get you new X smart card in the mail!

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Useful info and FAQ

Price list

  X smart EUR X smart for youth1 EUR
Fee for card 1.49 EUR per month Free of charge
Fee for supplementary card 1.49 EUR per month Not offered
New card issue (instead of existing) Free of charge Free of charge
Commission fee for goods and services purchase Free of charge Free of charge
Cash withdrawal in Citadele Bank As from current account As from current account
Cash withdrawal in other banks 2% (min. 3 EUR) 2% (min. 3 EUR)
Cash withdrawal in Citadele Bank ATMs in Latvia Free of charge up to 800 EUR2 per month, 0.29% from amount above Free of charge up to 800 EUR2 per month, 0.29% from amount above
Cash withdrawal in ATMs of other banks 5 transactions or 800 EUR2 max per month - free of charge, above limit 2% (min. EUR 3.50) 5 transactions or 800 EUR2 max per month - free of charge, above limit 2% (min. EUR 3.50)
Payment from account electr. payments - free of charge electr. payments - free of charge
SMS sent to customer about incoming sum to account Free of charge Free of charge
Cash withdrawal at POS terminals at merchants Free of charge Free of charge
Credit limit amount Individually Individually
Minimum instalment 5% of the used credit limit amount + 100% of the excess expenditure 5% of the used credit limit amount + 100% of the excess expenditure
Credit interest (per annum) for cards issued against safety deposit 28% 28%
Interest for unauthorised negative balance (per day) 0.175% 0.175%
Currency exchange mark-up fee 3% 3%

Effective from 01.06.2020


Aged 7 till 21 (including).
EUR 800 is the total maximum cash withdrawal amount per month in all ATMs in Latvia and abroad together.

If you need any support

Call our 24/7 helpline for the fastest response - We offer the best service and will answer any question whether general or specific.

Call our 24/7 SkypeIf you need an urgent reply, call us on Skype any time of day.

Send us a message on Whatsapp - Add 2866 0011 to your contacts and send us a text message.

Send us a question in online bankFor existing customers only. You will find a "Correspondence with bank" button in the top menu after logging in to your account.

Chat with us in our mobile appFor existing customers only.  You will find a chat button in top left corner after logging in to your account.

Email usSend us an email to info@citadele.lv — we will take a look and answer within one working day.

Come to your nearest branchNote that beginning March 20, all branch visits must be scheduled beforehand by phone: 6701 0000.

Use an online contact formDrop us your question, feedback or complain by filling in an online form.

Find more options and informationVisit our "Contacts" page to find more potential options to contact us, or more useful information, like our working hours.

Other ways to apply

Apply on the website - pick up your new X smart card in the bank branch of your choice.

Apply in person in branch - come to the branch most convenient for you.

Apply in the online bank - if you are an existing customer, apply in your online bank's "Accounts and Cards" section and get your new X smart card in mail

About X smart

How to order an X smart card?
If you want to become a new customer of Bank Citadele and order an X smart card, you can do so with the help of Citadele mobile application, as well as by submitting an online application on the website or filling in one of the bank's branches. If you apply using Citadele’s mobile app, the ordered card will be delivered to you by mail. Existing customers can additionally apply for an X smart card, and get it remotely, in their online bank.

How to get a discount on a monthly card fee?
If you already have an X smart card - bring a friend! Tell them about benefits on the X smart debit card and give him a promo code, which can be obtained by contacting our support team through chat in the mobile app, in the branch or by calling 6701 0000. After your friend receives their new card, you both will enjoy the benefits of the X smart card free of charge for 6 months. This promo code can be used multiple times. The maximum discount period you can receive when bringing friends is 24 months. Learn more about the "Bring a friend" campaign. 

Where do I enter the “Bring a friend” promo code?
If you want to become a new customer of Bank Citadele and order an X smart card, ask your friends for their promo code first. If you apply in Citadele’s mobile app, you can send us the promo code in its chat after submitting your application. You can also mention the promo code in the call from the bank about your application status. 

Can I rent a car with the X smart card?
Yes, if the car rental company accepts Visa debit cards.


Are there limits on cash withdrawals from ATMs?
You can withdraw up to 800 Euro in cash per month from any ATM, even abroad, with no commission fee. You can withdraw cash from Citadele ATMs an unlimited number of times, and 5 times per month from other banks’ ATMs. From the 6th time, you will have to pay 2% of the withdrawn sum (minimum 3,50 Euro).

Pay attention to ATM warning messages. If the screen has a notification about a commission fee, this will be taken by the bank or organisation who owns that ATM. The commission fee discount only applies to fees set by Citadele. 

What will the commission fee be if I withdraw more than 800 Euro per month from an ATM? 
The commission fee at Citadele ATMs in Latvia is 0.29% of the withdrawal sum. At other ATMs worldwide, the fee is 2% olf the withdrawal sum. Minimum commission - 3,50 Euro.  

Can I withdraw cash in a different currency? 
Yes, of course. If you withdraw cash in a different currency, the fee for currency conversion will be in accordance with the Price list.


How much do wire transfers to Latvian or European Union’s banks cost?
You can make an unlimited number of free electronic transfers and payments in Euro  from your X smart account to any European Union bank account free within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).

Can I make payments to other countries or in a different currency than my X smart account?
Yes. Note that in accordance with the price list a commission fee will be applied for the currency conversion.

Can I make instant payments from my X smart bank account?
Yes, as Citadele supports Instant Payments, you will be able to make Instant Payments from your X Smart account to any bank which supports instant payments. The money is transferred within seconds.

Earn 0.2% per year on your account balance

How can I receive interest on my account balance? 
Your monthly wages must be paid into a Citadele account. On the last day of each month, your interest will be calculated on your average account balance. The maximum amount for which we calculate interest is 10,000 Euro, with a rate of 0.2% per year. 

When will I receive the interest on my account balance?
Interest is calculated on the last day of the month and paid on the first day of the next month. A capital income tax payment is deducted from this. Your X smart account statement will show both transactions together.