Get X smart without visiting a branch

Till April 30, become our customer with the help of Citadele mobile app and enjoy the benefits of your new X smart debit card free of charge for 3 months!

  • Step #1Download Citadele app to your phone or tablet
  • Step #2Take a photo of yourself, your ID and both together
  • Step #3Fill in an application and receive your new X smart card by post free of charge

Bring a friend!

  • Tell your friend, family member or acquaintance about the advantages of our X smart cards and give them an offer code.
  • Your friend, acquaintance or family member enters their code when applying for their X smart card
  • After their card has arrived, you both use your cards for free for 12 months.

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Manage your finances at no extra cost

  • Withdraw up to 800 Euro per month from any bank’s ATM with no commission fee. Withdraw an unlimited amount of times from Citadele ATMs, and up to 5 times per month from other banks’ ATMs
  • Make unlimited online transfers and instant transfers in Euro within Latvia and Europe

Even more advantages

  • Have your income paid into a Citadele account and earn 1% per year on your account balance. Receive your interest monthly. Find out more
  • Become a client with a selfie through our app. No need to visit a branch!
  • Use contactless payments when you pay by card, Android phone or Apple Pay. You can also use a contactless wristband or sticker
  • No monthly fee on X smart cards for young people aged between 16 and 21

X REWARDS prizes and discount programme

  • Receive discounts throughout the Baltics. Special monthly offers on shopping, restaurants, leisure and cultural events
  • Receive X REWARDS points on every online and in-store purchase worldwide (2 Euro = 1 point)
  • Collect points faster—receive 4 or 10x higher REWARDS point rates from our special partners
  • Exchange the points you collect for valuable prizes

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Why become a Citadele client?

  • Enjoy the many X smart card advantages
  • Block and unblock cards in our app, log in with Touch ID and Face ID, apply for loans and change your card PIN codes, even if you have forgotten your old ones
  • Use modern payment methods—pay with a wristband, sticker or phone, with NFC technology
  • Questions? Contact the bank’s employees by phone or via the chat function on our app 24/7
  • Only at Citadele—become a client with a selfie via the mobile app. No need to visit a branch
  • Reward yourself with X REWARDS

How to apply for a X smart card?

  • Mobile app

    Download our app and fill in an application. We will deliver your contract and X smart card by post within Latvia. For other cards, choose a different option.

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  • Website

    Fill in a short application form and we will contact you. You will have to schedule an appointment at branch to pick up your X smart card.