Payment cards

How to replace an existing card with an C card

To enjoy more benefits, exchange your existing payment card for an C card.

Situations when you can use this application:
 – If you currently have a payment card that is not an C card, such as a Mastercard debit card, a Citadele payment card or something else, you can exchange it for one of the new C cards.
 – If you have C smart, you can change exchange it for C supreme or C prime
 – If you have C supreme, you can exchange it for C prime

The payment card account will not be changed, it will remain the same.
The current payment card will be active until the new C card is activated, which you will receive by mail.

To change the payment card, it is necessary to enter the section Accounts and Cards of the Online Banking and select Upgrade the existing payment card.

You will find a brief description of benefits of an C card in the section Upgrade the existing payment card.
At the bottom of the page, select the payment card you want to change from the list and click Next.

  1. Choose for which C card you want to exchange your current payment card;
  2. Choose the type of delivery: by post or by international courier service;
  3. Check whether the delivery address is correct.

Please note that when applying for a card by post, the card will be delivered within 3 business days, in 2 separate shipments, first – the card, then – the PIN code.

Important! If you have an additional payment card of another user linked to the selected account, you must change both cards. It will be offered automatically in the same application, as the type of the main card and the additional card must be the same.

After entering the information, the completed application must be signed and sent for execution. Click “Next” and confirm the payment with the authorization device. You can always check the status of the application in the section “Document History”.

If you lost the card or there was another problem with it and you want to keep the same type of card, you must fill in the application Replace current card.

If you want to change the current card X Platinum to C prime fill in the Order to the bank, see here.

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