Bring a friend!

Bring a friend and enjoy the benefits of your X card (X smart, X supreme, X prime) for up to 24 months with no monthly card fee! Plus, each friend you recommend will receive a six-month free X card period. Enjoy these benefits to both of you when you take part in the offer.  Enjoy these benefits to both of you when you take part in the offer.

If you want to recommend an X card to a friend

  • Tell your friends, family and acquaintances about the X card and give them an offer code. Anyone who is not yet a Citadele customer can take part.
  • Receive six months with no fee for each friend who applies for an X card with your offer code. Maximum discount period: 24 months.
  • Wait for a confirmation SMS as soon as your friend receives their X card using the offer code. Your X card fee discount period begins when the code is activated.
  • Find out your offer code by contacting us in the mobile app chat, online bank or by calling 67010000. You will receive your unique offer code by sms.
  • Use your offer code for an unlimited number of friends, because everyone you recommend will receive a 100% discount on their monthly X card fee for six months.

If you want to apply for an X card using a code

  • Download the Citadele mobile app and become a client of the bank.
  • Select your X card, take a selfie and fill in an application form.
  • Give us the offer code in the mobile app chat or over the phone when we contact you. You can use the code once.
  • Receive your X card within three working days and use it for free for six months from the time the offer code is activated.
  • Continue using your X card for free: recommend to people you know and bring up to four friends.

General terms

  • Citadele reserves the rights to change the terms of the offer.
  • When you recommend friends, the maximum discount period is 24 months. Only applies to one X card.
  • Discounts on the monthly card fee cannot be combined. The largest discount available for the card applies.
  • When you exchange your existing X card for a new one, but keep the same account, the discount will also apply to your new card.
  • If the client has several X cards, the offer will apply to the card with the lowest monthly fee.
  • The offer can not be applied for clients with temporary residence permit, foreigner work visa or foreigner students (valid from 01.05.2021).