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How do I replace my payment card in online banking?

Card replacement is when you order the same card and maintain your existing account. 

Cards can be replaced when: 

  • The card has been stolen; 
  • The card has been lost; 
  • You have forgotten your PIN code; 
  • You left your card in an ATM; 
  • The card is past its expiration date; 
  • The cardholder’s name and/or surname has changed; 
  • The card has been damaged; 
  • There are suspicions of fraud; 
  • You have not received your card (from the branch/ by mail).

If your card is stolen or lost, block it in Citadele mobile app or contact the bank by calling 6701 0000.

To replace your payment card, you need to enter the online bank, click on Accounts and Cards, and select Replace existing card.

When you click on Replace existing card, you must fill in all the required fields. Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk. Some fields will be automatically filled in. Please check whether the information is correct, and adjust if necessary.

Some fields contain control mechanisms, and you will see a warning if you enter incorrect information. If this is the case, find out the correct information and make corrections.

After you enter your details, you must sign your application and submit. Click on Next and confirm the payment with your authorisation device. You can always check whether your application has been completed under Document History.

Within 3 working days, the card will be prepared and sent to your specified address.

If you can not access the Online banking, please take a look in flow Disruptions to access the Online banking.

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