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Special offer

Card without a monthly fee

Become a Citadele customer by June 9, pick C prime card and use it without a monthly fee for the first year!

* Discounts don't add up. The offer is invalid for customers who closed their X prime less than 6 months ago, also can not be applied for clients with temporary residence permit, foreigner work visa or foreigner students.

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For those who want more

A different experience with C card

C card is the right card for you if you want more than a card for shopping at the mall. C card will be your ally when you shop, it will insure you on your travels and also take care of the safety of your purchases. You'll also get a bunch of discounts and rewards regularly just for using your card. So with a C card, you get more than you spend.

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C REWARDS loyalty program

Get more than you spend

Break the rules - get more than you spend! Join the C REWARDS program, get points for purchases and receive prizes.

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Handle your money for free

Forget boundaries

Make transfers across Europe free of charge and withdraw cash anywhere in the world - also for free!

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For travellers and adventurers

Tour the native planet insured

Extensive travel insurance with extreme sports insurance is already included in your C prime card. Besides, not just for you, but for your family traveling together as well.

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Become a customer

If you're not our client yet, you can join us without coming to the bank!

• Our mobile app is enough – make a “selfie” and we will deliver the card free of charge to you within Latvia.

• If you need a card right away, go to the Citadele, Spice, Daugavpils or Liepaja branches and get the card within 15 minutes.

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If you already have X card

• All of your X card benefits remain as usual. They will be exactly the same for the C card. After your X card expires, we'll renew it to the same level C card.

• If you want to find out your X card limits, insurance coverage, etc., see the benefits of the corresponding level C card.