How to draw up a 3rd pension pillar agreement?

If you want to create future savings by making contributions to the 3rd pension pillar with CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds, it is possible to enter into an individual membership agreement.

You can draw up an agreement in the Online Banking (see instructions below) or in any Citadele branch by making an appointment for a visit in advance (click here to make an appointment). You can also apply for a telephone consultation by calling the bank’s telephone number +371 6701 0000.

To draw up an Individual Membership Agreement for the 3rd pension pillar, log in to the full version of the Online Banking.

In the section Pension > 3rd pension pillar, select “Enter into a new agreement”.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
   – Choose one of the Pension Plans
   – Information about the plans can be viewed here
   – Check whether all the information in the section “Pension plan participant” is correct, if necessary, correct it.

If you want another person to be able to make contributions to your 3rd pension pillar agreement, be sure to indicate this person’s data in the next section.

In the section “Regular payment”, indicate the amount and periodicity of the planned contributions.

If you want the payments to be made from your account automatically, select the answer “Yes” to the question “Do you want to issue an order for the regular payment of a fixed amount?”. Then select the account from which to make payments and specify the date of payment.

You can change the amount and frequency of the regular payment at any time in the section Payments > Regular payments of the Online Banking.

Click “Next”.

Check the information entered. If you want to change the information in one of the fields, press the button “Back”.

To continue and sign the agreement, please read the important information and terms. Then tick that you have read the information. Sign the agreement with a code from your authorization device.

You can monitor the execution of the order in the section “Document History”.

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