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  • Online loan applicationApply for a microloan in the online bank and save time
  • Wide range of payment optionsMake transfers and pay bills
  • List of paymentsMake lists on your computer and upload them to the online bank

Speed is often the deciding factor in business

That’s why our resolution is to help improve the quality of your day-to-day in everything we do, so that functions happen quickly and you can use all your energy to concentrate on what’s important - the growth of your business.

Online banking opportunities

Operations with various payments:

  • Business partners worldwide? Easy! Create payment lists, indicating an account from any world bank.
  • Easy wage lists - save the details of many employees and pay the whole list or just a selection.
  • Copy/paste is in the past. Choose payment integration offered in ISO and Fidavista formats. Integrate as many payments as you wish. Complete from 50 to as many as 500 transactions at once, depending on your authorisation device.
  • Easily filter transactions by different criteria, not just by account number. Export the results in PDF or Excel format.
  • Do you often repeat one payment? Great! Create a template and make the payment whenever you need to.
  • What about instant payments? We have those too, so your transactions don’t slow down.

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What else does the Citadele online bank offer?

  • Do you have a big transaction coming up? MobileSCAN allows you to make payments with larger limits than code calculators or Digipass GO3.
  • For extra large transactions, use Digipass 780. Scan the coloured code, enter your PIN, and your authorisation code is ready!
  • Ugh, those awkward moments when you forget your password! We’re only human. We’ll send an SMS to the phone number registered with the bank, and your new password will be with you in a moment.
  • You can find out everything about business loans, regular payments and other relevant loan information at any time. Even better - you can see your document history through the online bank, including applications and payments made.
  • If you need a springboard for success, apply for a microloan through the online bank! You can get up to 30,000 Euro depending on your turnover.
  • You can set up log-in categories for your online banking and set access privileges for each individual user.

Internet shopping can become a regular thing for businesses, too.

  • Pay online for goods and services from your business account.
  • If you have an online store, set up Diglink and give customers the option to pay for goods and services with a transfer from their bank account, using their online bank or mobile app.

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Citadele Gateway

This is a solution for an automated exchange of data between your company’s accounting system and the bank. This service is intended for the exchange of large amounts of financial data 24 hours a day. You don’t need any additional software, because Gateway is integrated into your accounting system. Gateway advantages:

  • Freely define Gateway users and set their privileges for working with the company’s financial resources.
  • Make domestic and international credit transfers straight from the accounts system.
  • Convert currency.
  • Find out the status of your payments.
  • Get free account statements for the time period you select.
  • If necessary, several users can create one payment and confirm it through Citadele Gateway and the online bank.

How much does Gateway cost?

SMS banking

Receive text messages for incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as for successful and unsuccessful card payments.

  • One SMS costs 11 cents. The charge is made once per month for all messages.
  • If necessary, add SMS banking for several clients to one phone number.
  • Select a time to receive text messages.

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