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Financing to develop your business

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  • Different financing methodsWe will help you find the best one based on your company’s situation
  • Individual termsApply for the loan you need, from a few thousand to several million Euro
  • Personal approachCollaborate with your private transaction manager, who will always find you the best solutions

More opportunities for your business

For large and small ideas, ambitious development plans or everyday support - with the help of Citadele, the range of opportunities for your business becomes unlimited. In talks with your competent personal transaction manager, you will have the opportunity to find the most suitable financing method.

Loan for investment

Your business will receive a loan for use on a specific project. It will help you develop, increase efficiency or maintain your competitiveness. Our clients’ goals vary greatly, so we evaluate each application individually to find the best solution.

  • Financing of up to 80% of the project’s expenses.
  • Long repayment deadline - up to 15 years with a personalized repayment schedule.
  • You can start repaying the main sum after the project is completed.
  • The loan can be secured with various assets - property, commercial pledge on other assets, guaranty or others.

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Credit line for businesses

A line of credit will provide stability for the everyday operations of your business.

  • The loan can be used when necessary. Only pay interest on the portion of the line of credit used.
  • 2-year term with the option of extension.
  • The credit line can be secured with various assets - property, commercial pledge on other assets, or a guaranty.

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Leasing for businesses

Equipment will provide power and remove pressure. Trucks, car fleet, manufacturing equipment and agricultural equipment - we offer all of this to businesses and farms through leasing.

  • Begin with a consultation. Our leasing specialists have experience in industrial and agricultural leasing.
  • You will receive your offer within 1 working day.
  • Financing of up to 90% of the vehicle or equipment’s value.
  • Potential for a leasing loan with European Union co-financing.

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Factoring for businesses

With our factoring service, receive money for the invoices you send out straight away, in addition to using other advantages.

  • Receive financing of up to 90% of the sum of the invoice.
  • Offer clients longer invoice payment deadlines - even up to 120 days.
  • Factoring services available for total invoice amounts from 40,000 Euro.
  • Cheap invoice administration fee: 0.1%+PVN of the invoice sum (min. 7.00 Euro).
  • Low commission fee for the factoring service - from 0.5% + PVN of the factoring invoice sum.

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Bank guaranties for businesses

Is your business partner asking you to guarantee payment? In this case, a guaranty from the bank will be useful. Bank guaranties give more opportunities to businesses:

  • To take part in procurements advertised by the state, local council and other businesses, which require a secured offer.
  • To guarantee business partners prompt payment for work done or goods delivered.
  • To reduce the risk of international trade deals.
  • To ensure the fulfilment of various local and international contract obligations.

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Letters of credit for businesses

Letters of credit give additional security to businesses in international trade deals. A letter of credit is a commitment by the buyer’s bank to pay a set amount of money by a set date on receipt of the documents set out in the letter of credit.

  • The buyer doesn’t need to pre-pay.
  • The seller receives their payment by submitting the goods dispatch documents set out in the conditions of the letter of credit to the bank.
  • A secure, internationally recognised method of paying.

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Document collection for businesses

Document collection is a bank service for international trade transactions in deals with recurrent business partners. The bank functions as an intermediary to ensure the security of the transaction. Advantage to the seller: the buyer does not receive the documents necessary to receive goods before paying. Advantage to the buyer: the knowledge that the goods they have paid for are en route.

  • Great security in international trade deals.
  • Lower international trade deal costs.
  • Opportunity for buyers to make international transactions with a reduced advance payment period or even without an advance payment.

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Stock financing for businesses

Receive a short-term loan with stocks of goods and raw materials as collateral. Your business will be able to improve turnover, ensure that manufacturing doesn’t cease, and gain additional financial resources for making new orders.

  • Loan period - up to 2 years.
  • Loan amount - up to 85% of the value of the stock.
  • The financed stock must be insured and held in an independent warehouse in the Baltics.

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Multi-apartment building renovation loan

Intended for improving the energy efficiency of the building. It will help to reduce monthly bills and improve the general condition and value of the whole house. We collaborate with ALTUM, who will cover up to 50% of the project costs.

  • Legal persons, homeowners’ associations and building managers authorised by the apartment owners can apply for this loan.
  • An energy efficiency improvement project and an agreement with ALTUM.
  • Ensure that late payments for bills and building management over the past 12 months is less than 10% of the total amount of bills issued.
  • The loan will be issued without the use of property as colateral.

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Microloans for businesses

With a microloan, your business can receive up to 70,000 Euro quickly and easily within a couple of days. The size of the loan is determined by the turnover of the business. Your business does not yet have to be a Citadele client.

  • First find out if we will be able to give you a loan. You can find out on our website, online bank or in a Citadele branch.
  • We will give you an answer straight away on the loan sum and interest rate available to your business. 
  • To sign a contract, submit an application and account statement.


How to receive a business loan

Begin with a consultation. A talk with your personal transaction manager will be your opportunity to find the most suitable method of financing.

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