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  • KlixMastercard and Visa card acceptance solution
  • PayByLinksolution for electronic invoice payment by card
  • Digilinkfor payments using the Citadele online bank

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Klix - Visa and Mastercard card acceptance solution

Allow your customers to pay for their purchases using either their card or their phone number

  • Accept millions of cards worldwide and receive your money the next day
  • Fast payment using a phone number for customer convenience. If a user has linked their card details to their phone number, they will not need to repeatedly enter their personal details. All they will need is their phone number and a purchase confirmation in the Klix app or browser
  • Simplified checkout process reduces abandoned shopping baskets and improves purchase indicators
  • Tool can be installed easily in 1 day
  • No subscription fee. Find out more on the Klix website

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Electronic invoices which your customer will receive by email and can pay by card

  • Prepare electronic invoices in the e-commerce portal and email them to your customers. Customers can pay them using a Mastercard or Visa card
  • You will receive the money during the next working day
  • You can personalise your invoices for various purposes
  • View invoice status, return money if necessary, and compile various reports using the retailer portal
  • The service is particularly useful for those who make sales by phone, providers of hotel services, and insurance providers

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