E-commerce solution with no subscription fee

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  • VISA, Mastercard card paymentsServe card users worldwide
  • Fast payment with KlixProvide fast, convenient payments for purchases with a phone number
  • MultiLink online bank paymentsAllow shoppers to pay directly from their bank account

Pay less – receive more

  • The e-commerce tool is available for no registration or subscription fee
  • Low rate: just 1.30% per transaction (minimum fee €0.10)
  • To receive a personalised offer, contact us.

Klix – payments for purchases with VISA and Mastercard cards or a phone number

Improve user experience - allow your customers to pay for their purchases without long registration forms

  • Accept cards from around the world and receive your money the next day
  • Replace long payment forms with a phone number
  • Use secure tools and reduce risks – payments are confirmed using Face ID, Touch ID, fingerprint or a phone PIN code (3DSecure)
  • The simplified shopping process helps reduce the number of abandoned baskets and improve sales figures
  • Join over 100 online stores throughout the Baltics

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Klix – Increase your customers’ shopping options

  • Allow your customers to pay for their purchases later at no commission fee, or split their purchase into several payments
  • This function and its updates are activated almost automatically
  • You will receive the full purchase amount immediately, regardless of what option the customer chooses

If you issue invoices

  • Save time by writing your invoices in the Business Portal and sending an e-invoice
  • Create the option for customers to pay their invoices online with just a few clicks using their card or online bank
  • Easily view and manage your invoice payment statuses
  • Activate automatic monthly invoices, if your business needs to do so
  • Save all your invoices and customer data in one secure location, and access them remotely, quickly and easily at any time or place

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Citadele’s e-commerce tool price list

Installation and registration fee free
Monthly subscription fee free
Payment processing for Citadele and other banks’ (SEB, Swedbank, Luminor) online bank payments 1.3% min. €0.10*
Payment processing with payment cards and KLIX fast phone payments 1.3% min. €0.10
Fee for transaction processing with the Business’ payment cards from 2% min. €0.20
Commission fee for claims processing €14.23

If your online turnover exceeds €5,000 per month, we suggest you apply for a personalised price offer.

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Business portal

  • Oversee your business figures daily on your computer or mobile device
  • Conveniently view all payments in one place
  • Create and receive the financial reports you need
  • Create e-invoices and send them to your customers by email
  • View and manage your invoice payment status

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Installing an e-commerce tool is easy

If your online store uses one of the larger e-commerce platforms—Shopify, Mozello, Magento, Woocommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop—installation is easy using the existing plugins:

Magento - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais pluginsWooCommerce - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais plugins

PrestaShop - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais pluginsOpenCart - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais plugins

Mozello - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais pluginsShopify - Citadele bankas ekomercijas risinājumam Klix pieejamais plugins

Citadele’s e-commerce tools can also be installed on websites with different e-commerce platforms in accordance with unified API documentation.

How do I install a Citadele e-commerce tool?