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E-commerce solutions - we’ll help you develop your business on the internet

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  • Easy integration on the business website
  • Secure payments
  • All transactions on the e-commerce portal

Grow your business online

Grow your business by letting people pay for what they need online. Your ears should prick up at the word “e-commerce”, because that one word describes several online payment methods. Find out more about two e-commerce solutions.

Which is your solution?

Payeezy - online card payments

Payeezy e-commerce solutions allow clients from all over the world to pay on your online store, website or mobile app by card. Receive the money the next day, and you can always see up-to-date information on customer transactions in the portal.

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Adding Payeezy to your online store, website or mobile app is easy peasy

There are 2 steps:

  • We sign a contract for online payment card acceptance.
  • We integrate Payeezy into your online store.*
  • No initial usage fee.

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*If you have built your website using content management systems such as OpenCart (versions 1.5 and 2.0), Magento (version 1.9), WooCommerce (version 2.5.1), Presta Shop (version 1.6), Oxid (version 4.9), then adding payments is a matter of clicks.

Choose Payeezy and use the e-commerce portal for free

  • See all card purchases and their status.
  • Get reports and payment reviews in different formats (XML, HTML, txt, pdf) and with graphics
  • Finish, return and repay transactions.
  • If necessary, send buyers a link to finish payment by email along with an invoice (Pay by Link).
  • Choose to end the business day automatically or manually to receive the money from transactions in your bank account.

More opportunities

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    5 types of card terminal for different retail locations.

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  • Payment plans

    One fee for multiple transactions.

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  • Microloans

    Financing of up to 30,000 Euro for everyday needs.

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