Payment plans
for businesses

One fee for everything your business needs


  • 6 months free of chargeWhen you become a customer remotely
  • Special offer for startups12 months free of charge
  • Cost-effective solutionTo manage your daily payments

Why are payment plans good value?

Payment plans are the cheapest way for businesses to make everyday transfers, because they don’t have to pay a commission fee for each payment. Businesses can save. Accountants aren’t bogged down with multiple transactions. 9 out of 10 businesses choose some sort of payment plan.

Choose the plan for you

Services included in the payment plan Citadele 15 Citadele 55 Citadele 120
Unlimited electronic payments within Citadele, including Lithuania and Estonia
Standard electronic payments in EUR within European Union 15 payments 55 payments 120 payments
Opening and maintenance of current account 1 account 3 accounts 3 accounts
X Business credit card in the first year* 1 card 2 cards 3 cards
Access to Citadele online bank and SMS bank
Digipass GO3 authorisation tool for one user
MobileSCAN authorisation tool for all users
Payment plan monthly commission fee 10 EUR 20 EUR 40 EUR
For remotely onboarded new customers Payment plan 6 months free of charge
For remotely onboarded startups (registered during the last 12 months) Payment plan 12 months free of charge**

If you have more payments than planned, you pay for each additional payment according to the price list. When your business grows and there are more payments in the future, you can easily change your payment plan.

* Discount applies once you begin using the payment plan service.

** Offer is valid until 30.09.2022.


We say “plan” - we mean “set”

It can often be that the most important information is between the lines, but with Citadele there are no hidden stumbling blocks. Everything is simple, clear and generous. A payment plan has one price. It includes:

  • The opening and servicing of accounts.
  • Unlimited transfers between Citadele accounts, including Lithuania and Estonia.
  • A set amount of Euro payments to accounts within European Union.
  • Free X Business card for a whole year.
  • Secure authorisation tools for the online bank and mobile app - one code calculator and MobileScan for all users.

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What is a business with no cards?

When you can pay for the same thing by transfer, cash or card, it’s cheaper to pay by card. Choose any of our payment plans and receive an X Business card free for the first year. With an X Business card:

  • Receive X REWARDS discounts on purchases and even workday lunches.
  • Be insured on your travels. Your card purchases will be protected.
  • Receive a credit limit. The limit will be determined by the business’ turnover and credit history.

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