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A minute in the bank is a minute too many

Banks services and offers online – quick, convenient and better.


To reach your goals choose the most suitable loan type – consumer loan, small home loan, home energy efficiency loan or car loan.

  • Apply online, get the offer within 10 minutes and receive money in your account within a few minutes.
  • Apply for a loan

Apply for a mortgage loan for purchasing a home or building or renovating one, or for purchasing land to build on, with particularly great terms:

  • Fill in the application online, receive an offer within 24 hours, submit your documents and sign the agreements online.
  • GREAT VALUE - when you buy a home from a new development, there is no agreement processing fee (offer applies 01.10-31.12.2023.)1.
  • GREAT VALUE – for the first year of your mortgage contract, your pledged property is insured for free.

Get X prime and enjoy it without paying monthly fee for a year! Travel insurance for the whole family, cash withdrawals of up to 1500 EUR per month anywhere in the world and special X REWARDS deals for X prime users only – this will all be yours.

  • Apply for your X prime during November 13 - 30 this year (inclusive).
  • If you're not a customer yet, become a customer on the mobile app and choose X prime.
  • You are our customer but you don't have X prime card yet? Upgrade your existing card by replacing it with X prime on the mobile app, under Cards, or in Online bank. The offer is not valid when replacing X Platinum and for customers who have been X prime users within last 6 months.
  • During the special offer discounts do not combine.

Get even more from your card - X card rewards you for shopping!

  • When you sign up for the X REWARDS program (it’s free), you collect points for each purchase to get the prize of your choice.
  • Exchange points for free coffee, cinema ticket or restaurant meal, Wolt vouchers or other prizes from our shopping, gourmet and leisure offering.
  • Receive monthly special offers and benefit from discounts with our partners in shops, cafes and entertainment venues.

A term deposit is as exact as a clock: a set rate, set term, chosen currency, and clarity on how much you will receive at the end of the term.


How can you save money while also caring for the environment? Our Green Savings Account, with an annual deposit interest rate of 3.75%, satisfies both needs: you will increase your savings while simultaneously helping initiatives which allow us to live more sustainably.

Have a look at our deposit interest rates and Price list.


Use Finoterapija.lv2, our free online tool, to organize your personal finances and receive a personalised savings and deposits plan right away.

Start Finotherapy

2 Services are provided by companies in the Citadele Group: IPAS "CBL Asset Management", AAS "CBL Life" and AS "CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds”.


Become a customer remotely

Become a customer through the Citadele mobile app wherever and whenever is convenient.

  • Takes just 7 minutes.
  • Receive your card by post in 3 business days.
  • You can use the bank’s digital services straight away.

See opportunities online for businesses

  • One payment for all your everyday business needs: opening and servicing an account, free EUR transfers in Latvia and Europe, a X business card, authorisation tools, and access to the Citadele Business Portal for data analysis and issuing electronic invoices.
  • GREAT VALUE - become a customer remotely and use any of our payment plans with no commission fee for the first 6 months.

Convert your Android phone into a card terminal with the Citadele Phone POS app.

  • Special offer! Apply for Citadele Phone POS for the first time and accept payments for free until the end of the year.
  • Starting from 01.01.2024., fee per transaction will be 0.99 % + 0.02 EUR.
  • You can install Citadele Phone POS fully remotely.
  • If necessary, choose another POS terminal from our wide range of devices for your business needs and use it for 6 months free of charge.
  • VISA, Mastercard card payments - serve card users worldwide.
  • Fast payment with Klix - provide fast, convenient payments for purchases with a phone number.
  • Multilink online bank payments - allow shoppers to pay directly from their bank account.

Apply for a loan of up to 70 000 EUR with ALTUM guarantee to develop your business or for various needs. No need to use your property as collateral.

  • Apply online, receive an answer within 30 minutes and sign the agreement online.
  • After signing, the money will be in your business account within a few hours.

Become a business customer remotely

Time is money, so no one likes to spend time on things that can be done quickly. Fill out the application and the questionnaire remotely if you can represent your company alone. Become a customer in 20 minutes and enjoy the benefits of your business account in Citadele!

Become a customer

Business portal

Manage transactions and issue e-invoices in one place for free.

Learn more

1 Example: if you take out a 30-year loan secured by a real estate mortgage for 80 000 EUR with an interest rate per year of 1.80 % + 6-month EURIBOR (for the purposes of this calculation, we have used the 6-month EURIBOR rate as of 01.09.2023, which is 3.934 %), then your monthly payment is 466.05 EUR (for a total of 360 payments). APR 6.15 %. The total amount to be paid by the customer (including repaying the loan, interest payments, a 0 EUR commission fee for processing the loan, a government fee of 0.1 % of the mortgage sum for registering the loan in the land registry, and the annual insurance premium for the mortgaged property (assuming that it is 100 EUR starting from the second year after signing the loan agreement) is 171 930.19 EUR. Borrow responsibly, and consider your ability to repay the loan.