Citadele Business Portal

Oversee your company’s transaction flow from a simple platform

Try out our Business Portal

  • Easily manage all your transactions in one place
  • Save time on reports and analysis
  • Speed up invoice payment

The Business Portal is suitable

  • for retailers with one or more retail locations
  • for service providers who issue invoices to their customers
  • for e-commerce retailers

Try out the Business Portal today

  • Oversee your everyday business indicators on your computer or mobile device
  • Easily view payments for all retail locations in one place
  • Compare and analyse data for different time periods
  • Quickly create and receive the financial reports and overviews you need
  • Easily apply for an e-commerce connection or POS terminal

Try out the Business Portal

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If you are a retailer with one or more retail locations

  • Easily review your POS transactions and payment details in one place
  • Create transaction reports for your retail locations, payment types and different periods within a few minutes
  • Analyse and compare this data using easy-to-understand graphs
  • Review your results, best retail days and hours for your retail locations
  • Review your flow of customers to plan staff shifts
  • Easily apply for a new POS terminal for both existing and new retail locations

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If you issue invoices

  • Save time by writing your invoices in the Business Portal and sending an e-invoice
  • Create the option for customers to pay their invoices online with just a few clicks using their card or online bank
  • Easily view and manage your invoice payment statuses
  • Activate automatic monthly invoices, if your business needs to do so
  • Save all your invoices and customer data in one secure location, and access them remotely, quickly and easily at any time or place

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Develop your business online and improve sales figures

  • Activate the most popular payment methods with one integration
  • Allow customers to pay by card, through online banking or even with their phone number
  • No subscription fee
  • Great rate: just 1.30% per transaction (minimum fee: 0.10)

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Apply and receive your POS terminal straight away

  • Use any POS terminal for free for the first six months
  • Cash withdrawals at the retail location
  • Free POS receipt paper
  • 24/7 support over the phone, online banking and our website chat

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