Accept credit card payments

Receive money from all your clients

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  • A new feature!Only in Citadele – receive and use mobile POS card terminal right away.
  • Freereceipt paper
  • Integratedwith your cash register systems

No more waiting – receive and use your terminal right away

Does every minute matter to your business? It won't be an inconvenience anymore – in Citadele you can receive mobile POS terminal, which will be activated in 3 hours within bank's working time after signing the contract. If you call or write us beforehand, you can receive your terminal already activated!

What do you get if you choose our terminal?

Experience speaks louder than words, so just try it out.

  • Use all card terminals for free for the first 6 months.
  • Commission for each transaction of 0.85% + 0.01 EUR.
  • No expenses to buy the terminal - the cost of use covers the terminal, maintenance, replacement, and consultation.
  • Additional receipt paper for free.
  • A retailers’ portal with a review of customer transactions is free to use.
  • Get to know the 5 types of terminal and choose the best one for you.

Choose card terminals

Special offer* for new clients

  S offer M offer L offer
Planned turnover on one terminal up to 5,000 Euro from 5,000 to 10,000 Euro over 10,000 Euro
Card acceptance commission rate 0.99% + 0.01 EUR 0,99% + 0,01 EUR 0,85% + 0,01 EUR
Terminal rental fee First 6 months First 6 months First 6 months
Terminal rental fee from month 7 From 6.00 + VAT Free of charge** Free of charge**

* Citadele Bank reserves the right to consider each retailer’s application individually, and as a result, each offer may differ from the special offer

** Mobile and Wi-Fi POS terminal monthly fee 14.50 EUR + VAT.

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More opportunities for your business

Citadele payment card terminals are a good investment even for the most demanding retailers. Prove it? Easy!

  • Stores and service providers - card acceptance, integration with till systems, refund money.
  • Hotels and car rental - make a cash reservation, pre-authorisation or make a transaction without needing the physical card.
  • Restaurants - bring the terminal to the table, allow the payment of tips.
  • Businesses which sell off-site - mobile terminals with wireless internet.
  • Anyone who serves overseas guests - earn money by allowing clients to pay in their own currency, receiving a portion of the currency conversion commission fee yourself.

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All transactions in the palm of your hand with the Retailers’ Portal

Those who have information and can use it are successful! That’s why our clients can use the Retailers’ Portal and review all their card transactions for free.

  • It’s a convenient, simple and secure way to check up on your business’ payment card transactions.
  • Access information on card transaction figures and bank commissions within the past 2 years.
  • Receive 8 kinds of daily and monthly reports for each terminal or the whole business. You will see information on cash payout services, fraud, and reclamation instances, as well the sale of electronic pre-payment codes.
  • Use our specialists to help with any terminal servicing issues and other questions.

Log in to the portal

Service provided by the bank’s business partner SIA Worldline Latvia.

How to get a card terminal

  • It’s easy - we’ll come to you for a consultation.
  • Sign a contract and open a Citadele account if you are not already a client.
  • After signing a contract, your new card terminal will be installed within 3 days in Riga and 5 days outside of Riga. Money will come flooding in!

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What if a client doesn’t pay by card?

Accept cash. Pay it into your account with a deposit card via an ATM.

Mastercard Business Debit Card

  • Conveniently deposit and withdraw cash from ATMs. You can also get a card with just a cash depositing function - a cash deposit card*.
  • Control employees’ card transactions. Set a daily limit for each card on purchases and cash withdrawal from ATMs and customer service centers.
  • If necessary, use to pay for goods and services.

Apply for the card

Fee: 1.25 Euro per month. *The cash deposit card fee is 0.50 Euro per month and it is only for depositing cash in Citadele ATMs and receiving a receipt for the transaction. A cash deposit card cannot be used for the following: transactions at POS and online, ATM withdrawals or balance checks.

More opportunities

  • Payment plans

    One fee for multiple transactions.

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  • Microloans

    Financing of up to 20,000 Euro for everyday needs.

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  • Business cards

    Business credit cards with the X REWARDS programme - rewarding and insuring you.

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