Payment Card Acceptance
at Retail Locations

Any POS terminal free for the first 6 months*

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  • Money on the next working dayReceive your incoming payments as soon as possible, even at weekends
  • Receive instantlyOnly at Citadele, receive and use your POS terminal within 3 hours
  • Great ratesPay from 0.85% per transaction

Cheaper and Easier with Citadele!

  • Only at Citadele: pick up your mobile POS terminal with activated SIM card at a branch straight away, and use just 3 hours after signing your agreement.
  • Offer cash withdrawals to your customers in your retail location.
  • Use any POS terminal for free for the first 6 months
  • DCC function: earn 0.85% on each converted transaction if your customer’s card is not in Euros
  • Use the retailer portal for free: oversee and analyse your card transactions

Full service

When you receive a Citadele POS terminal, service includes, at no additional cost:

  • POS set-up and training
  • Terminal replacement if it stops working
  • 24/7 support by phone, the online bank and website chat
  • POS receipt paper which we will deliver to your retail location

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Free for the first 6 months

  S offer M offer L offer
Planned turnover for one terminal up to 5,000 Euro between 5,000 and 10,000 Euro over  10,000 Euro
Card acceptance commission rate 0.90% + 0.02 EUR 0.90% + 0.02 EUR 0.85% + 0.01 EUR
Terminal rental fee Free for the first 6 months Free for the first 6 months Free for the first 6 months
Terminal rental fee from month 7 From 6.00 + VAT Free** Free**
Receipt rolls Free Free Free

* Citadele Bank reserves the right to process specific vendors’ applications individually, resulting in an offer which differs from the special offer.
** Mobile and Wi-Fi POS terminal monthly fee 14.50 EUR +VAT.

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Retailer portal

Our clients gain free access to the Retailer Portal—a tool for overseeing all your card transactions.

  • View information on your number of card transactions and bank commission fees within the past 2 years
  • Receive 8 types of daily and monthly reports for each terminal or the whole business. They will contain information on cashback services, cases of fraud and refunds, as well as the sale of electronic prepayment codes
  • Receive specialist help for problems with card servicing and other issues

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Mastercard Business Debit Card

For when a client wants to pay in cash.

  • Conveniently deposit and withdraw cash from ATMs. You can receive a card with only cash deposit functionality enabled — Cash deposit card*
  • Control employee card transactions. Set a daily purchase and withdrawal limit from ATMs and Customer Service Centres for each card
  • If necessary, use to pay for goods and services
  • Accept cash payments. Pay it into your account with a deposit card using an ATM

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Fee: 1.30 Euro per month.*Cash Deposit Cards cost 1.30 Euro per month and are only intended for making cash deposits at Citadele ATMs and for printing receipts for cash deposits. The following actions cannot be performed with a Cash Deposit Card: POS and online payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs, viewing account balance at ATMs.