Accounts for business

Accounts for various goals and projects

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  • Any type of businessApply regardless of how old and experienced your business is
  • Many opportunitiesMake use of our range of services, from temporary account to transaction account
  • Manage your financesControl the company’s funds both in the online bank and app

Citadele bank accounts

Every business needs an idea, fixed capital and a bank account. An account with Citadele is like a powerful motor driving your business forward. Our experienced consultants will find solutions so you can receive loans and guaranties, make international transactions from Euro to US Dollars, use e-commerce and card acceptance solutions. In one word - growandbloom.

Temporary account for a newborn business

Excited? We get it! Your business will soon be ready! You just need a bank account. We’ve made sure that opening one is pure joy.

  • Open an account for free before registering your business.
  • Open your temporary account remotely* - sign your contract of formation and account application with eParaksts and send it to You can also open a temporary account in any Citadele branch.
  • Later you can convert it to a permanent current account, making payments and receiving other advantages for free for the first six months.
  • You can pay your initial capital into the account whichever way is easiest - in cash or as a transfer from a private account.

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* Temporary accounts can only be opened remotely by newly founded societies with one founder. The contract of formation and application must be signed with eParaksts.

Business current account

When your business is founded, it’s time for a current account. A current account with Citadele gives you more opportunities for a convenient and successful daily business life.

  • Make transfers in several currencies from a multi-currency account. Citadele clients can also make transfers in US Dollars.
  • Link your account with your business’ accounting programme to easily pay employee wages and make other transactions.
  • Use your account for both transfers and cash transactions, using payment cards for cash withdrawal from and deposit to ATMs.
  • Make payments and manage your account through the online bank and mobile app.

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Transaction account for businesses

Do you have a transaction in mind but need to reduce the risk of the other party not fulfilling their obligations? In these cases we offer you a transaction account. The bank ensures that, after one side completes their obligations, the other side pays.

  • For any size transaction
  • Use for real estate as well as delivery transactions.
  • Security for the buyer - the bank transfers money to the seller only after they have fulfilled their obligations.
  • Security for the seller - they will receive their money for the goods or property.

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How to open an account

  • Apply for a consultation at a branch by calling or through our website.
  • Submit an application and documents to your consultant.
  • Sign a contract and begin working.

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