Accounts for businesses

Business accounts for different purposes and projects

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  • For any businessApply regardless of how old and experienced your business is
  • Extensive opportunitiesMake use of our range of services, from temporary accounts to current accounts
  • Financial managementControl your company’s finances both in the online bank and mobile app

Citadele accounts

All businesses need an idea, starting capital and a bank account. A Citadele account is a powerful motor which will drive your business forward. Our highly experienced consultants will find the solution to ensure that your business can receive loans and guarantees, make international transactions, and use the most up-to-date e-commerce and card acceptance tools.

Temporary accounts for new businesses

Taken the first steps in launching a business and now need a business account? Congratulations! We have worked to ensure that opening one is as simple as possible. Open a temporary account remotely*:

  • Fill in an application to open a temporary account**
  • Once your temporary account is open, you will receive an electronically-signed letter from the bank by email, in which we will give you your temporary account number
  • Pay in your base capital
  • Once you have founded your business, transfer your temporary account into a permanent account remotely

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* Only newly-founded businesses with a single founder can open a temporary account remotely.
** Before founding your business, check whether you have selected a unique name:

Business current account

Once a business has been founded, it’s time for a current account. A Citadele current account gives you more opportunities to run your day-to-day business conveniently and successfully.

  • Multi-currency accounts can make payments in several currencies. Citadele clients can also make transfers in USD
  • Easily link your account to your accounting programme for wage payments and other transfers
  • Use your account for both transfers and cash transactions, using our payment cards for withdrawing and depositing cash from our ATMs
  • Make payments and oversee your account using the online bank and mobile app

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Escrow accounts for businesses

Do you have a serious transaction in mind, but want to reduce the risk of the other party not fulfilling their obligations? For these situations, we offer an escrow account. The bank ensures that, once one party has fulfilled their obligations, the other party pays.

  • Complete real estate and other transactions
  • There may be an increased commission fee if there are more than three parties involved in the transactions; the agreement must be prepared in another language; the account needs to be opened urgently; or the standard terms and conditions are changed per the customer’s request
  • Please bear in mind that, when submitting an application, all involved parties must sign
  • Apply for a Transaction Account remotely by signing an application form using eParaksts and emailing it to, or by filling in a free-form order through the online bank and attaching an application. You can also submit an application at any of our customer service locations.

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How do I open an account?

  • Apply for an in-branch consultation by phone or via our website
  • Submit an application and documents to our consultant
  • Sign an agreement and start working

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