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Effective investment of funds

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Effective investment of funds

The fund management service is provided by Citadele Group affiliate CBL Asset Management, while investments in third-party manager funds can be made through Bank Brokerage Services.

  • Today, investing in investment funds is one of the most popular and effective ways to save money.
  • Pooling the funds of many investors makes it possible to expand the range of investment opportunities and manage these funds professionally with the goal of securing a profit.
  • For over a century, investing in investment funds has demonstrated clear advantages over other long-term investment types.
  • Investing in investment funds enables you not only to protect your capital from losing value, because of inflation, but also to obtain higher returns.

Investment Strategy Questionnaire

By using the most up-to-date technologies and combining them with our many years of financial expertise, we have created an Investment Strategy Questionnaire which, when filled in, offers personalised investment recommendations on investment funds offered by CBL Asset Management, based on financial situation, risk appetite and knowledge.

CBL investment funds

  • Opportunity: As specialists in the global equity and emerging market bond markets CBL offers several fixed income and equity funds that can enhance the expected risk/return profile of your portfolio and suit you well in reaching your long-term financial goals.
  • Expertise: CBL has an experienced team of investment managers with an established track record of over 10 years. CBL funds are regular winners of high international awards like as Lipper and can boast the highest ratings from Morningstar.
  • Diversification: Through the pooling of investor resources, CBL funds offer a pre-packaged diversified exposure to emerging markets. Diversification is essential in these markets, as being heavily exposed to a single issuer may cause disproportionate consequences.
  • Easy to buy and sell: CBL AM funds offer daily liquidity: you can  redeem all or part of your investment and track the changes in value of your investments during every business day. Transactions with fund shares can be performed through Citadele internet bank.
  • If your planned investment sum exceeds EUR 100,000 and you are interested in a broader range of financial services and instruments, we advise you to study our offering of individual investment portfolio management services.

CBL strategic allocation funds

  • The client chooses the sub-fund with the most appropriate degree of risk - the rest will be carried out by fund management specialists, adapting a set of portfolios best suited to the fluctuating conditions of the global financial market.
  • Global mandate – risk diversification across geographical regions and financial asset classes.
  • Partnerships with the world’s leading fund management companies. Small initial investments with a minimum investment of one investment certificate. A wide range of options to set up various individual fund savings schemes.
  • If your planned investment sum exceeds EUR 100,000 and you are interested in a broader range of financial services and instruments, we advise you to study our offering of  individual investment portfolio management services.

Investment funds run by other manager

  • You have the opportunity to invest in a wide range of the world’s leading fund managers’ investment funds and hedge funds.
  • Brokering department specialists will provide you with the information you need about investment opportunities in securities markets.

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