Trade finance

Support for the growth of your business

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  • All types of bank guaranteesConfirm your obligation fulfilment for procurements and contracts
  • Risk managementCover both business partner and government risks
  • Cash flow improvementUse our financing option and allow your business to develop faster

Bank guarantees for businesses

If one of your business partners asks you to guarantee payment, a bank guarantee will be useful. It gives businesses various opportunities:

  • Take part in governmental, local council or other businesses’ tenders which require a guarantee of the offer
  • Guarantee prompt payment to your partners for work done or goods delivered
  • Reduce the risks of international trade
  • Ensure the fulfilment of various local and international agreements

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Letter of credit for businesses

Letters of credit give additional security to businesses for international trade transactions. A letter of credit is the buyer’s bank’s undertaking to pay the specified amount to the seller once the buyer's bank receives the documents described in the letter of credit from the seller.

  • There is no need for the buyer to make a prepayment
  • The seller receives payment by submitting the shipping documents stated in the letter of credit to the bank
  • A letter of credit is a secure, internationally-recognised method of payment

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Documentary collections for businesses

Documentary collection is a bank service for international trade payments for transactions with regular business partners. The bank acts as a mediator to ensure the security of the transaction. The benefit to the seller: the buyer only receives the documents they need to receive their goods after payment. The benefit to the buyer: certainty that the product they have paid for is on its way.

  • Greater security for international trade
  • Lower international trade operation costs
  • Buyers can complete international transactions with a shorter prepayment period or even without prepayment

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Stock financing for businesses

Receive a short-term loan with your stock of goods and raw materials as collateral. Your business will be able to improve turnover, ensure uninterrupted manufacturing, and gain additional financial resources for making new orders.

  • Repay within up to 2 years
  • Borrow up to 85% of the value of your stock
  • The financed stock must be insured and kept in independent storage (not belonging to the company) in the Baltics

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Factoring for businesses

When using a factoring service, you will receive money for issued invoices straight away.

  • Receive financing of up to 90% of the amount on the invoice
  • Offer clients longer invoice payment terms of up to 120 days
  • Factoring services are available for the total invoice sum starting from 40,000 Euro
  • Low commission fee for the factoring service: from 0.5% + VAT of the factoring invoice sum

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