Leasing for businesses

Transport and industrial leasing for business needs

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  • Offer within 1 dayApply, and quickly find out your options
  • Up to 90% financingReceive the majority of the value of the vehicle or equipment
  • EU co-financingApply even if your business has received EU funding

Leasing will transform your business

Equipment will be a powerful addition to your business’ opportunities. Trucks, car fleet, manufacturing plants and agricultural machinery – all of them can be purchased by leasing. Repaying will also be simple: choose a term of up to 7 years and the most convenient type of payments – monthly, quarterly or by personal schedule.

Environmentally-friendly electric car with a great rate from 2.29 %

  • Financial leasing or operating lease (car hire)
  • Interest rate from 2.29 %
  • Deposit from 0% when you take operating lease*
  • Term up to 84 months
  • Special CASCO offers from “CL Insurance Broker”

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* When applying for operating lease with a deposit under 10%, the interest rate is from 2.79 %.

Car leasing for businesses

Leasing for both new and used cars

  • We’ll finance 90% of the car’s value
  • Choose to pay back when it’s suitable for your business - within 7 years
  • For cars costing up to 17,000 Euro, we will complete a valuation at one of our branches
  • You can use leasing if the age of the car is under 15 years at the repayment date
  • You will be able to deduct your VAT pre-tax and gain additional assets

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Commercial transport leasing

Plan on expanding the business automobile fleet? Choose commercial transport leasing.

  • We’ll finance up to 90% of the value of the commercial transport
  • Choose to pay back when it’s suitable for your business - within 6 years
  • You can use leasing if the age of the commercial transport by the repayment date is under 10 years

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Industrial technology and equipment leasing

  • We’ll finance up to 95% of the value of the equipment
  • Choose to pay back when it’s suitable for your business - within 7 years
  • You can use leasing if the age of the agricultural equipment by the repayment date is under 18 years. Road building, construction and industrial equipment, as well as other unregistered technology must be under 15 years

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Leasing or leasing loans for agriculture

If you work in agriculture and wish to receive co-financing from the Rural Support Service (Lauku atbalsta dienests) to buy equipment, you have two options. If you lease the equipment, you will receive the EU fund’s support in installments. Meanwhile, Citadele’s leasing loan has been developed specially for farmers. It has several advantages:

  • A simplified evaluation process
  • EU financing available in full after purchasing your equipment
  • Deposit can be replaced with a mortgage on the land used for farming
  • The loan has a longer repayment date - up to 7 years
  • The equipment is included on the business’ balance sheet as a fixed asset

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Leasing types

Find out which type of leasing is most suitable for your business

  • Financial leasing is the most suitable leasing type if you want to own your equipment. Receive and use your equipment straight away but pay in installments. As soon as you make the final payment, the equipment is yours. It will count as a fixed asset as soon as you recieve it. 
  • Operating leasing is suitable if you wish to use equipment for a set period of time. At the end of the leasing period, decide whether to return the equipment or buy it for the remaining value so that it belongs to the business. The transport or equipment does not have to be declared on the business balance sheet.
  • Leaseback can also be used if your business has a vehicle or equipment but needs money for other reasons. The leasing company will buy them from your business, so you receive the money and continue to use the equipment, buying it back gradually. The equipment can be listed on your balance sheet as a fixed asset the whole time. 

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How to apply for leasing

Begin with a consultation. Our leasing specialists have experience in industrial and agricultural leasing. Their aim is to find the best solution quickly and help throughout the whole purchase process.

  • Consultation - apply on our website, call or write. We will contact you quickly.
  • Application - submit on our online bank or website, at the bank, or with our business partners.
  • Contract and financing - sign a contract and you can start using your new equipment very soon.

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How does EURIBOR impact monthly payments?

  • EURIBOR (European Interbank Offered Rate) is the average European interbank rate for a set period. An interest rate is comprised of a fixed part (added rate) and a variable part (base rate), which is the EURIBOR rate. Citadele offers its customers a three- or six-month EURIBOR rate. This means that the variable part of the interest rate is fixed for a period of three or six months. If the EURIBOR rate increases within those three or six months, then your monthly payment will also increase at the end of the period.
  • Considering these changes to interest rates and monthly payments, it is important to evaluate whether you will be able to fulfil your obligations if your monthly payment increases. For example, if the loan amount is 100,000 Euro, an overall interest rate increase of 1% means that the monthly interest payment will increase by around 83 Euro (around 1,000 Euro per year.) The larger the loan amount, the greater the impact of interest rate changes on your monthly payment.