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How do I change my phone number (for contact and receiving SMS codes)?

To update your phone number, go to the Online Bank under Parameters > Contact Information.

Under Customer Information, check that your declared address is correct.

If your address has not changed, select No.
You can change your phone number under Mobile Phone.

You can also add a phone number for when you are abroad. Enter the country code and your phone number, and select Next.

Confirm your changes with your authorisation device: MobileSCAN, code card or GO3/calculator.
If you choose to only change your phone number, this will happen as soon as the changes are confirmed.
You can follow the progress of your request in the Online Bank under Document History.

If you cannot access the Online Bank because you have changed your phone number and do not have access to the old one, contact us by calling +371 6701 0000. Be ready to state your password so that we can identify you.

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