Get more from your card

Do you want to have an even better card? X prime will provide a plenty of benefits to your lifestyle and shopping habits.


More X REWARDS points

Your existing X smart card ensures you 1 X REWARDS point per 2 EUR. Why stop at that when you can get more? When you make purchases with your X prime card, you earn twice as many X REWARDS points compared to the X smart card –1 X REWARDS for each euro paid.

Only with X prime you can earn more points with our special partners – earn 10 x more points than with X smart and 5 x more than with X supreme – 5 points for each euro spent with an X prime card.


Live more, worry less 

Enjoy extensive travel insurance of X prime: 

  • Your worries covered - luggage insurance, cancellation or suspension of travel, medical expenses, accidents and many other.
  • Travel activity insurance - ride a quadcycle or dive to see coral reefs, as X prime travel insurance also includes high-risk sporting activities.
  • The Bicycle insurance will protect your bike from the risk of damage and theft, protect you from the risk of accidents, and also your family members and their bikes if you go together on the bicycle trip.
More about insurance 

Try it out for free

  • If you apply for X prime card now, you'll be able to use it for free during to next 6 months and to try out all the benefits.
  • Bring a friend and continue using the card for free for up to 24 months – 6 months for each friend you brought.

* Standard monthly fee of X prime card starts from EUR 5,99 per month (starting at month 7 if there is no credit limit or up to EUR 5000).


Why wait? Apply for your X prime now! 

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