Service Fee
Debt securities transactions 0.1% (min. 50 EUR)2
Stock transactions (incl. ETF, ETN, ETC, ADR, GDR):
At Baltic, European, Scandinavian exchanges 0.4% (min. 20 EUR)
At USA and Canadian stock exchanges 0.04 USD/CAD per share (min. 25 USD/CAD)
Transaction with options of the USA stock exchanges 2.50 USD for contract (min. 25 USD)
Transaction with fund shares 0.2% (min. 20 EUR)
  • 1 For debt securities fee is calculated of the nominal value, for other instruments out of tranasaction value.
  • 2 By executing an over-the-counter (OTC) securities transaction at more favorable price for the client rather price specified in the limit order, the bank compensates the client 50% of the mark-up , which is formed from the difference between the price specified in the limit order and the actual execution price.