Cash Transactions

In branches and client service centers

You may deposit, withdraw money, change banknotes of different nominal values and make other cash transactions in Citadele branches and client service centers throughout Latvia where cash is accepted.

  • Depositing cash to your account or another person’s account within Citadele.
  • Depositing cash up to 15,000 EUR to Treasury of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Unlimited withdrawal from your Citadele account.
    Attention! If you would like to withdraw an amount that exceeds the limit of a branch or client service center, you must apply for the transaction in advance. You must submit an application in any branch or client service center and pay a commission fee.
  • Withdrawal of money from your own Citadele bank account in banknotes and coins in pre-ordered nominal values.

When making a cash transaction, a client must show an ID document upon request of the bank officer.

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