Customer services during state of emergency

Due to the state of emergency which has been declared within Latvia, we are implementing changes to customer service for the benefit of our clients’ health and to help stem the spread of COVID-19. From 20.03.2020, our branches will only serve clients by appointment. We remind clients that most of our products and services, as well as client support, are available remotely, so we encourage people to carefully consider whether they need to visit a branch.

Frequently asked questions


Loan break

In response to doubts over the impact of Covid-19 on the economic situation of households, we are offering the option of delaying base loan repayments.

Offer does not apply to minimum credit card payments.

More info on loan break

Pay bills remotely

Pay bills quickly, conveniently and simply through the online bank or app, where instant payments are available 24 hours a day for situations in which a transfer can’t wait.

Client support 24/7

We are also available to our clients during the state of emergency 24 hours a day through multiple channels: the mobile app and online bank chats, WhatsApp chat (phone number +371 28660011), social media, by calling 6701 0000, or by writing to Write or call, and we will help you solve any issue remotely. Please be understanding if the call queue has a longer wait than usual.

Mobile app

A bank branch in your pocket. See your quick balance, make payments and manage your cards. You can activate and block cards or change their PIN codes even if you cannot remember the old one. More.

Contactless payments

During the state of emergency we recommend shopping online. However, if you visit a store, it is better to pay using a contactless option rather than with cash—this will help to stem the spread of the virus. Citadele clients can use contactless cards (PIN-free limit: 50 EUR), NFC phone payments (for Android devices) or Apple Pay. You can activate contactless payments for your card or phone through the app.

How to activate contactless payments?
How to activate Apple Pay?

Online bank

Using the online bank, you can update your contact information (including updating your passport or ID card), order a new card or block your existing card, set up or disconnect various services using a free-form application, and open a savings account for an additional safety net.

Become a client remotely

You can also become a Citadele client without visiting the bank! This can be done quickly and conveniently through the mobile app. You will have to enter your personal information, take a “selfie” and a picture of your passport or ID card. As a client, you will receive our best debit card: X smart. You will receive it along with its PIN code by mail.

Video consultation

Both existing clients and those who wish to find out more about Citadele’s services before becoming a client can apply for a video consultation with a bank specialist. During the consultation, you can find out how to open an account and learn more about your loan opportunities, service tariffs, pension tiers, remote services and other possibilities. Come to the bank while staying at home!

You can apply for a video consultation by calling 67010000 or by filling online form. Video consultations are available on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00, and use MS Teams.

More on joining a video consultation