Customer services during the COVID-19 pandemic

What do I have to know when visiting a Citadele branch?

We offer services at our branches by previous appointment, booked through or by calling +371 6701 0000, as well as on a first come, first served basis if there is a free time slot. We ask that customers check before making an appointment whether the service they require can be received remotely.

Please stay at home and select a remote service rather than visiting a branch if you:

  • have had any contact with a COVID-19 patient and are required to isolate at home for 10 or 14 days, including:
    • clients who live in the same household as someone who must isolate for 10 days based on the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s list of countries;
    • clients who have visited a healthcare facility in which COVID-19 patients are being treating;
  • have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or have any symptoms of severe respiratory illness: high temperature, dry cough, throat pain or breathlessness. We hope these clients get well soon, and ask them to only visit a branch once fully recovered!

If you fall under one of the aforementioned categories, we would like to remind you that, before requesting and receiving a service from Citadele you must inform a Citadele employee of the risk of infection. This information must also be given before any direct physical contact with another person at Citadele. Honest compliance with this requirement will not only help us find the best way of providing your service, but will also protect other clients and our employees from the risk of infection.

Bank employees have the right to ask for confirmation that clients have read the above information and that they comply. This is done in accordance with Citadele’s legal interests and with the interests of public health in mind, as well as to ensure safety measures  protecting its employees against the risk of illness. On receiving information regarding non-compliance with the aforementioned criteria, Citadele has the right to refuse in-person services and to not permit the said person entry into a branch. In case of a spread of infection, Citadele has the right to notify the Latvian State Police and the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

We would like to remind you that not adhering to epidemiological safety measures can have legal consequences.

When receiving our services, the customer confirms that they have read the above information.

Let’s protect our health and each other!

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Pay bills remotely

Pay bills quickly, conveniently and simply through the online bank or app, where instant payments are available 24 hours a day for situations in which a transfer can’t wait.

Client support 24/7

We are also available to our clients during the state of emergency 24 hours a day through multiple channels: the mobile app and online bank chats, social media, by calling 6701 0000, or by writing to Write or call, and we will help you solve any issue remotely. Please be understanding if the call queue has a longer wait than usual.

Mobile app

A bank branch in your pocket. See your quick balance, make payments and manage your cards. You can activate and block cards or change their PIN codes even if you cannot remember the old one. More.

Contactless payments

During the state of emergency we recommend shopping online. However, if you visit a store, it is better to pay using a contactless option rather than with cash—this will help to stem the spread of the virus. Citadele clients can use contactless cards (PIN-free limit: 50 EUR), NFC phone payments (for Android devices) or Apple Pay. You can activate contactless payments for your card or phone through the app.

Online bank

Using the online bank, you can update your contact information (including updating your passport or ID card), order a new card or block your existing card, set up or disconnect various services using a free-form application, and open a savings account for an additional safety net.

Become a client remotely

You can also become a Citadele client without visiting the bank! This can be done quickly and conveniently through the mobile app. You will have to enter your personal information, take a “selfie” and a picture of your passport or ID card. As a client, you will receive our best debit card: X smart. You will receive it along with its PIN code by mail.

In accordance with the Labour Protection Law, AS “Citadele banka” has the responsibility to adhere to general workplace safety principles and to avoid or minimise workplace risks.