Information for citizens of Ukraine

Opening an account for Ukrainian citizens and payments to Ukrainian accounts: free

In solidarity with Ukraine and its people, we have amended the process by which Ukrainian citizens can open a Citadele account and receive a payment card in order to make it easier.

Ukrainian citizens can become Citadele customers:

  • remotely, by filling in an application on the mobile app;
  • in person at any Citadele branch in Latvia.

Applying to open an account is free both when done remotely and in person.

When becoming a customer remotely, Ukrainians can choose between our X smart, X supreme and X prime payment cards, depending on their needs. Meanwhile, in-person customers will receive a Mastercard Debit card. All of these cards allow holders to make contactless payments and withdraw up to €750 per month in cash an unlimited number of times from Citadele ATMs and other ATMs worldwide without commission.

To open an account remotely, the you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • hold a Ukrainian biometric passport or ID card;
  • have a residence permit issued by Latvia;
  • have a Latvian-registered phone number;
  • have a residential address in Latvia;
  • hold Latvian tax residency.

When opening a bank account in person, you must come to a branch with your Ukraine-issued form of ID: a passport or ID card. You must book an appointment at the branch in advance in hompeage or by calling +371 6701 0000. If necessary, we will dedicate additional resources to processing your account opening request.

Any of our customers can make payments to Ukrainian accounts with no commission fee. Although payments in any currency are free, we suggest making donations in Euro, because we can process these payments faster. Please also bear in mind that adapting the bank’s system take time, so a commission fee will be taken when the payment is made, but we will return this to your account as soon as possible.