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Mortgage loan

Your freedom is each square meter

The feeling when a keyring with the inscription "My home" settles in your pocket is unforgettable. Experience the pride and joy of becoming a homeowner and embrace the freedom of arranging it according to your desires.

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Did you know?

A modern prefabricated house structure approximately costs between 80 000 and 110 000 euros.

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Home energy efficiency loan

A warm home is even better than a warm blanket

Manage your home wisely – make it easier to endure the winter, reduce utility bills, and improve the overall energy efficiency of your living space.

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Did you know?

8 myths and facts to change your mind about solar panels.

Is there any point in choosing more powerful solar panels? Are they pointless in the winter? Do they need special cleaning?

There are many uncertainties and misconceptions, so find out the most important facts about solar panels and their installation.

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Borrower’s life insurance

A step ahead of the unexpected

Take care of what truly matters with borrower's life insurance. Protect your loved ones from the burden of credit obligations in the event of sudden loss of life.
Service provided by Citadele subsidiary AAS "CBL Life".

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Small home loan

Love every corner of your living space

Ten years ago you passionately wanted a bright green kitchen and pink floral wallpaper, but now you can't bear to look at it? Create an environment to both recharge and bring harmony after a long day of work.

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