Protection of depositor interests

In accordance with the requirements of the Deposit Guarantee Law (the Law), Citadele banka (the Bank) hereby informs that customer deposits with the Bank are protected under the national deposit protection system. This system ensures that deposits of customers (both natural persons and legal entities) in each credit institution are protected and, in the event of non-availability of deposits (declaration of insolvency of a credit institution, cancellation of a licence or other non-availability of deposits provided for in the Law), are repaid in the amount and within the time limits specified in the Law.

The above system provides that in the event of unavailability of deposits of a credit institution, the amount of the deposit to be refunded or the guaranteed compensation is equal to the amount of the deposits, but not more than EUR 100 000, and in exceptional cases provided for in the Law – not more than EUR 200 000, and it is reimbursed from the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

In view of the above, please be informed that your deposit with the Bank is an eligible deposit for which a guaranteed compensation is provided in accordance with the Law. Additional information on the amount of the guaranteed compensation, the procedure and timing of payment, the possibility of netting of claims and the contact details of the Deposit Guarantee Fund are available in the form "Basic Information on State Guaranteed Deposit Protection" prepared by the Bank.

More detailed information about the deposit protection may be found at the website of the Financial and Capital Market Commission:

Address of the Financial and Capital Market Commission: Kungu iela 1, Riga, LV-1050, telephone: 6777 4804.

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