Klix – pay with your phone number

  Pay for your purchase just by entering your phone number

  • Pay with a couple of clicksPay for your purchase just by entering your phone number
  • Available to clients of any bankEnjoy the benefits of Klix, even if you are not a Citadele client
  • Secure transactionDon’t worry about your card transactions—they will always be secure

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What is Klix?

The Klix mobile app allows you to pay with just a couple of clicks in all stores which offer Klix payments.

  • Now, when shopping online, you can enter your phone number and confirm your purchase instead of filling in a long form
  • Confirm your payment using a secure tool: Face ID, Touch ID our your phone or online banking PIN code
  • Paying with Klix is not just faster, it is also more secure, as your card details are not sent to the retailer
  • Klix is available to everyone. Feel free to save all your cards in the app, regardless of what bank issued them
  • You can use Klix to pay in more than 100 online stores throughout the Baltics, including the New Riga Theatre online box office, Evelatus and SonyCentrs stores, and elsewhere. See a list of all online stores

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Both more convenient and more secure

Klix unites the important elements of modern payment: security, convenience and, of course, speed.

  • Available for all devices. The Klix app is available for both Apple and Android devices, as well as the most popular browsers, if you choose to shop on your computer
  • For clients of all banks. Link your phone number to any bank’s VISA, Mastercard or Maestro card that supports secure online purchases (3DSecure)
  • Your card details are safe. They are encrypted, stored in a secure bank server and never passed on to the retailer
  • No additional limits. The payment limit is the same as for your payment card. For additional security, online purchases over €30 have to be confirmed using your online bank
  • Completely free. Purchases made using the Klix app are at no additional cost

How do I create a Klix account and pay?

  • Create a Klix account: download the Klix mobile app from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android), create a Klix profile and add your card details. That’s it! Enjoy faster, easier and more secure online payments
  • Pay using Klix: look for the Klix payment option in the online store, enter your phone number, select one of the cards linked to your Klix account and confirm the payment. A few seconds, and that’s it!