Mastercard Debit bundle

Mastercard Debit bundle1
Service Fee
Maintainance of the card and / or supplementary card 1.40 EUR per month
Opening and maintenance of current account Free of charge
Standard EUR payment within the EU (SEPA) and SEPA Instant payments initiated electronically2 0.38 EUR
Payments to own account within Citadele group3, initiated electronically, bill payment in ATM Free of charge
Payment to the account of other customer within Citadele group, initiated electronically 3 0.10 EUR
Cash withdrawal in Citadele bank ATMs in Latvia Free of charge up to 750 EUR4 per month, 1% from amount above
Cash withdrawal in ATMs of other banks 1 transaction or up to 750 EUR4 per month - free of charge , above limit 2% (min. EUR 3.50)
Credit limit repayment (at the end of the month) 5% of the used credit limit amount + 100% of the fees and interest
Credit limit interest (per annum) 28%
Interest for unauthorised negative balance (per day) 0.175%
Currency exchange mark-up fee 4.3%
Electronic currency exchange In accordance with Citadele bank rate
Payments outside SEPA in any currency 5 15 EUR
Urgent payments outside SEPA in any currency5 35 EUR
SEPA and payment within Citadele bank via Skybranch, at branch 10 EUR
Non- SEPA incoming transfers with commission type BEN and SHA 5 EUR
SMS sent by Citadele bank about incoming transactions 0.15 EUR/Free of charge for Seniors aged over 60
  • 1 Master card Debit bundle is also used for Basic accounts.Credit limit for Basic account is not offered.
  • 2 Internetbank, MobileApp, regular payment, eInvoice regular payment processed as SEPA.
  • 3 Internetbank, MobileApp, regular payment, eInvoice regular payment processed as payments within Citadele group.
  • 4 Indicated amount is the total maximum cash withdrawal amount per month in all ATMs in Latvia and abroad together.
  • 5 Detailed information, including information on payment submission and execution cut-off times, can be found on webpage Payments to Belarus are subject to the additional fee indicated in 3.2. in the Schedule of Fees and Charges for private individuals for non-core products and services.