Service Credits for Private Consumptions Mortgage credit
Execution of credit 2% from credit amount (min. 100 EUR) for Auto loan, Consumer loan and refinancing; 5% from credit amount for Small loan 1% of credit amount (min. 200 EUR); 0.5% of credit amount (min.200 EUR) for purchasing real estate in a new project (construction, reconstruction, renovation completed after 2000Y) or using ALTUM guarantee
Execution of amendments: additional credit amount granting, credit maturity term extension, credit currency change, loan security owner change, loan security change n/a 1% of credit amount (min 150 EUR) regarding which amendments are made to
Processing of the documents in case of the refinancing from other creditor or in case of the sale of a real estate that is mortgaged in favor of Citadele bank in case the transaction will be financed by other creditor n/a 600 EUR
Execution of amendments (incl. payment date change) 25 EUR per each document 50 EUR per each document 8
Credit resources reservation n/a 1% annual for unused but reserved credit sum
Contract on dept repayment
Service Fee
Review of the application upon customer’s initiative Free of charge
Execution of Contract on Debt Repayment Free of charge
Execution of amendments:
credit payment date change 25 EUR
execution of amendments to the other provisions of the agreement 1.5% of the amount of the contract regarding which amendments are made to (min. 25 EUR)