Effective since 01.01.2021

Commission Fees Related to Leasing
Service Fee1
Review of leasing application free of charge
Preparation of documents for a leasing transaction 1.5% of the purchase price of the object, min.  EUR 120
Execution of documents for refinancing a liabilities in another financial institution 1.5% of the purchase price of the object, min.  EUR 90
Early repayment of leasing/loan and/or refinancing a leasing transaction with another financial institution N/A
Renewal of the leasing/loan contract on Client’s initiative2 EUR 90
Commission Fee for Amendments
Amendments to the leasing contract EUR 75
Revocation of documents prepared on the basis of the customer's application and amendments to the contract EUR 35
Other Services
Preparation of sublease agreement EUR 75
Preparation of a statement on the absence of debts EUR 25
Statement on the Fulfilment of Obligations (performance of leasing/loan obligations, payments, interest paid etc.) EUR 25 - EUR 75
Preparation of statements, powers in the expedited manner and/or other non-standard statements EUR 75
Production of a copy, duplicate upon client’s request (for one document) EUR 25
Preparation of a power of attorney for a leasing/loan transaction EUR 25
Preparation of documents in a foreign language (English or Russian) upon client’s request as agreed
Sending other documents by post EUR 25 + actual costs
Car inspection at the Citadele Banka branch3 or at the Client4 EUR 40
Commission for completion of a debt repayment agreement EUR 50
Cancellation of the requested final invoice (if the final invoice has not been paid in full within the specified deadline) EUR 35
Marking in the CSDD registry Up to EUR 12 according to the CSDD Price List
  • 1 Fees indicated with VAT.
  • 2 If the process of alienation of the leasing facility has not been initiated.
  • 3 The Commission's survey fees shall be charged regardless of whether the funding is drawn up. The survey act is intended for internal use only and is not issued to the customer. It is necessary to reach an agreement in advance with the representative of the leasing company.
  • 4 For a leasing facility with purchase price up to 17`000 EUR.