Important information for PNB Banka clients:

State-Guaranteed Compensation payouts will start on August 22nd for PNB Banka Clients. Please, get acquainted with arrangements for payouts.


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Anything is possible

  • X cards

    From ordinary card to X card. X smart card for everyday spending and X credit cards.



    Earn discounts and prizes when paying with your X card.

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  • Mobile app

    Pay with a look or touch. Total card security. Contact the bank online.

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  • Mortgage loans

    We finance up to 95% of your home’s value. Interest rate from 1.8% per year.

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  • Consumer loan

    Up to 15,000 Euro in financing. Interest rate starting from 9% per year.

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  • Financing for car purchases

    Car loan - up to 15,000 Euro with no limit on the age of the car. Leasing - up to 95% of the value of the vehicle.

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X smart

From ordinary card to X card. Apply for X smart card by 30.09. and use it for 3 months free of charge.

  • X REWARDS prizes and discounts. Each card payment will earn you X REWARDS points to exchange for valuable prizes. Receive discounts by shopping at over 450 locations throughout Latvia.
  • Free transfers. Transfers in Euro to Latvia and elsewhere in Europe are free.
  • Earn on your account balance. The balance in your account can earn you up to 1% per year.
  • Free cash withdrawals. You can withdraw up to 800 Euro per month with no commission fee at ATMs worldwide.
  • Mobile app. Confirm payments using FaceID, fingerprint or code. Change your card’s PIN code, block and unblock your card, contact the bank via the app.
  • Contactless payments. You can tap to pay with your X smart card. Or maybe you want to pay with a wristband or sticker? Also possible.

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The whole bank now in one app

  • Log in and confirm payments with a fingerprint or FaceID.
  • Write to the bank online.
  • Manage how your cards are used.
  • Change your card PIN codes.
  • Our popular prize and discount programme X REWARDS - now also in your mobile app.
  • Become a client with a selfie.

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Amazzzzzing... Pay with a bracelet, sticker or phone

Choose your contactless payment method.

  • Most stylish payment method in Latvia.
  • Like lightning - up to 25 Euro PIN-free with your bracelet or sticker. Pop into a branch to receive yours and start using.
  • Activate payments with your phone app and pay using your phone. Your wallet can stay at home.

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Did you know that Citadele has the best customer service in Latvia?

DIVE, the leading customer service evaluation business in the region, revealed in 2018 that Citadele’s customer service is number 1 in Latvia. We investigate our clients’ complaints and suggestions at the highest level. Help us to stay the best.

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Mortgage loan for your home

  • Your new home is waiting for you now. We can support you with financing of up to 95% of the value of your home.
  • Suitable for various needs - from buying an apartment to building your dream house.
  • We will help you through the buying process. Purchase contracts, notaries and land registries are our daily life.

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Find out your credit rating

  • Spend 5 minutes to find out in the blink of an eye how much we can lend you and at what interest rate.
  • Loans up to 15,000 Euro. The better your credit rating, the better the terms of your loan.
  • Choose how you get your money - in your account or as a credit limit for your X credit card.

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Let’s chat about your next car

  • Quick reply.
  • From Škoda to Tesla.
  • Car loan - from 1,000 to 15,000 Euro. Leasing - from 5,000 to 150,000 Euro.

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More opportunities with consumer loans

  • Money in your account within 15 minutes.
  • Buying a car, getting married, having your apartment renovated and going travelling - anything is possible if it can be done with 15,000 Euro.
  • Even if you’re not a Citadele client.

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  • New Payment Method in Latvia – Payments to Mobile Phone Numbers

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  • Become a customer and bring a friend!

    Bring a friend and you can both enjoy the benefits of X smart for 12 months free of charge – you and your recommended friend!

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  • Use a selfie to get X smart card. No need to go to the bank anymore.

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    State-Guaranteed Compensation to Begin August 22nd for PNB Banka Clients

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    Information on the remuneration process for PNB Banka clients will be available no later than August 19th

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    New Payment Method in Latvia – Payments to Mobile Phone Numbers

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    Citadele Increases lending amounts; Business Investment in Technologies Increases

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