Mastercard Debit payment card

  MasterCard Debit EUR1 MasterCard Debit USD
Fee for card (per annum) 50 EUR 50 USD
Fee for supplementary card (per annum) 50 EUR 50 USD
New card issue (instead of existing) Free of charge Free of charge
Commission fee for goods and services purchase 0.5% (min. 0.15 EUR) 0.5% (min. 0.20 USD)
Cash withdrawal in Citadele Bank As from current account As from current account
Cash withdrawal in ATM or in bank 1.5%  (min. 5 EUR) 1.5% (min. 5 USD)
Credit limit amount Not available Not available
Minimum instalment 100% of excess expenditure 100% of excess expenditure
Credit Interest rate (per annum), for private persons 28% 28%
Interest for unauthorised negative balance (per day) 0.175% 0.175%

Effective as of 08.11.2019.


1 For private individuals recipients of the state pensions of the Republic of Latvia: old age pensions, disability pensions, survivor’s pensions, service pensions, or special pensions, on the condition that such pensions are transferred into the account linked to Mastercard Debit payment cards, fees are applied in accordance with the Schedules of Fees and Charges for residents - private individuals.