1. Mortgage Credit for private individuals

1.1. Consideration of an application for credit issuing / amendments in credit transaction:
1.1.1. on the security of residential real property and/or land Free of charge
1.1.2. on the security of non-residential real property for deals up to 300 000 EUR 75 EUR for deals over 300 000 EUR 400 EUR
1.2. Execution of credit 2% of total credit amount (min. 150 EUR)
1.3. Execution of amendments1:
1.3.1. additional credit amount granting 1.5% of credit amount regarding which amendments are made to (min. 150 EUR)
1.3.2. credit maturity term extension, credit currency change 1% of credit amount regarding which amendments are made to (min. 75 EUR)
1.3.3. loan security owner change, loan security change 1% of unpaid credit sum (min. 150 EUR)
1.3.4. credit payment date and/or principle of repayment of the credit change 30 EUR
1.3.5. execution of amendments to the other provisions of the agreement, not mentioned in sup-positions of paragraph 1.3. 50 EUR per each document
1.3.6. preparation of amendments to payment schedule at the customer’s request Free of charge
1.4. Credit repayment before the term provided for by the agreement Free of charge
1.5. Processing of the documents in case of the refinancing from other creditor or in case of the sale of a real estate that is mortgaged in favour of Citadele Bank in case the transaction will be financed by other creditor2 600 EUR
1.6. Execution of amendments in documents, mentioned in paragraph 1.5 50 EUR per each document
1.7. Credit resources reservation 1% annual for unused but reserved credit sum

Effective from 15.05.2019.


2. Other services related to lending

2.1. Commission fee for preparation of the documents (int. al. references)3,4
2.1.1. if a document prepared in state language 45 EUR per each document
2.1.2. if a document prepared in other language (English, Russian) 70 EUR per each document
2.1.3. Commission fee for preparation of the documents (int. al. references) if request received 6 months after credit obligations fulfilment 75 EUR per each document
2.1.4. Citadele Bank’s performed stock or assets evaluation5 75 EUR
2.1.5. Evaluation of construction / reconstruction / renovation funding project, control of usage of funds disbursed for construction / reconstruction / renovation projects financed by Citadele Bank According to actual costs
2.1.6. Documents sending As agreed (min. actual costs + EUR 8)
2.1.7. Deferred payment fee for Import letter of credit / export letter of credit and documentary collection 0.15% from documents’ amount (min. 70 EUR)
2.1.8. SWIFT notification at issue of guarantee, issue of Import letter of credit, transfer of export letter of credit 25 EUR
2.1.9. Other SWIFT notifications 7 EUR
2.1.10. Processing or evaluating other credit-related documents As agreed

Effective from 15.05.2019.


1 If options mentioned in paragraphs 1.3.1. – 13.6. are fulfilled simultaneously, the highest commission fee is applied.
2 Commission fee for preparation of the documents (inc. references) set in Pricelist’s paragraph 2. is not applied simultaneously.
3 If a document must be notarized, customer pay actual expenses of notary service additionaly.
4 If the commission fee for execution of new lending transaction, substantial amendments within lending transaction, refinancing transaction or execution of escrow account agreement is not applied simultaneously.
5 Commission fee may be increased in specific instances.