For international clients

We offer smart and modern solutions for daily financial services to you and your family.

Individual approach

  • Receive an individual approach to your needs
  • Control your accounts and assets 24/7
  • Whole bank in one APP

Credit cards

  • X Platinum or X Infinite VISA credit card
  • Travel and purchase insurance
  • Concierge service for premium X Infinite cardholders for free
  • Travel benefits for X prime and X Infinite cardholders
  • Unlimited outgoing electronic SEPA payments
  • Online banking and SMS bank for remote control of your accounts and assets 24/7

Investments with Added Value

  • Independent control and the possibility of changing the investment plan
  • Transfer of the management of funds to IPAS CBL Asset Management
  • Inheritance of accrued capital, and the possibility of specifying the beneficiary of savings
  • The possibility of replenishing one’s savings at any time
  • Conclusion of the agreement in any place, convenient for the customer
  • Monitoring of savings by means of internet banking