Monthly limit per card

for private customers

In order to reduce possible fraud risk related to payment card transactions, Citadele bank restricts cash withdrawal with payment cards from automatic teller machines and POS terminals of banks, setting the following maximum amount that can be withdrawn with one payment card within one calendar month:

  • for debit cards (Maestro, Visa Electron, Cirrus) – 15 000 EUR or an equivalent on other currency;
  • for credit cards (X Hero, X Business, Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, Visa Business, MasterCard Business, X Corporate, Visa Business Gold, MasterCard Business Gold, X Platinum, MasterCard Gold, Visa Gold,) – 15 000 EUR or an equivalent on other currency;
  • for exclusive cards (Visa Platinum, X Infinite) – 30 000 EUR or an equivalent on other currency.

In case a set limit for cash withdrawals with payment cards from ATM and POS terminals of banks is already being applied to your payment card transactions, and it envisages withdrawal of a lower limit within one calendar month, then the current terms and conditions are valid, i.e. the cash withdrawal limit for your payment card from ATM and POS terminals of banks will not be increased.

In separate cases the Bank may consider the possibility to apply an increased cash withdrawal limit upon a receipt of a free form application, where a specific reason for such need is identified. In case of a refusal, the Bank is entitled not to comment the reasons for such refusal.