Additional services

Fees for Business customers

Document sending via facsimile at the customer’s request (1 page) outside Latvia EUR 8 (VAT included)
Receiving of non-cash payment printout at Citadele Bank, per each payment printout EUR 11
Preparation of SWIFT request copy at the customer’s request EUR 4
Usage of the courier post upon customer’s request for documents and other values sending as agreed (EUR 7 + actual expenses (VAT included))
Arrangement of invitation to Latvia for Citadele Bank customers EUR 100 (VAT included)
Statement of transactions in account:
Automatic account statement preparation in Citadele Bank, if there has been turnover in the account. The service is available only for legal entities’ current accounts1 monthly statement – EUR 3 per month
weekly statement – EUR 4.50 per month
daily statement – EUR 15 per month
Account statement preparation and issuing in Citadele Bank upon cutomer’s request if account statement includes period up to 12 months from request EUR 1 per page (min. EUR 6)
Issuing of documents from archive EUR 30 per document (VAT included)
Preparation of standard reference3 EUR 15 (VAT included)
Preparation of non-standard reference4 EUR 50 (VAT included)
Additional fee for reference preparation in English or Russian5 EUR 15 (VAT included)
Acceptance, inspection and execution of sworn judicial executor's orders and State Revenue Service's collection orders EUR 15 (the one-off commission fee for processing of each received document) and additional commission for each payment in accordance with current Pricelist

Effective from 28.01.2019.


1 Commission fee not applied if the printout is prepared at the arrangement of Citadele Bank’s customer invitation to Latvia.
2 If a weekly account statement is prepared at the turn of the months, customer receives 2 statements – before and after the end of month. Each statement is charged for as for separate statement.
3 The following reference types are considered as standard:
- reference on account condition and/or account balance (balance or available balance) at the moment of reference request or preparation, condition of payment cards attached to account (active/closed), and/or on credit limit granted to account at the moment of request or preparation of the reference;
- reference on deposit of equity capital in account of new-founded enterprise or increasing of basic capital of an enterprise, indicating requisites of the respective cash deposit or the respective payment received into account;
- reference on outstanding balance of the for the loan issued according to Loan for Private Consumption, Contract on Consumer Loan, Contract of Debt Payment for moment of request.
The reference with additional information, requested by customer or customer’s representative, is considered as non-standard reference. Reference stating that customer does not have consumer lending obligations is considered as non-standard reference.
For reference stating that customer does not have lending obligations the fees are applied according to Pricelist chapter “Additional services related to lending and trade finance”.
4 If account statement is requested for several months, including calendar month (months) with no turnover in the account, fee for appropriate calendar month (without account turnover) is not applied, taking in account that commission fee shall not be less than minimal fee for account statement, set in Pricelist. If account statement is requested for period with no turnover in account, only minimal fee for account statement shall be applied as set in Pricelist.
5 Fee can be increased and set individually for non-standard reference that is prepared on more than one page.