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What should I do if the payment status is Rejected?

To check the status of your payment in the online bank, go to Document History.

From the list of payments, choose the relevant payment. If a payment has been rejected, the payment will be marked with red "stop" symbol, which means that it has been declined.

The reason for the rejection is indicated in the payment details: Information for the client. Check the reason for rejection and complete the relevant actions to enable you to make a new payment.

The most frequent reasons for rejected payments

  • incorrect details
  • recipient account closed
  • annual customer questionnaire has not been updated
  • check messages from bank, there is a possibility we have tried to contact you
  • your account balance does not cover the payment amount
  • your account balance does not cover the payment amount (ZTI/VID injunction): a Sworn Bailiff or the State Revenue Service has set a monthly limit on your account which has been exceeded.

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