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NFC purchases with your phone (Android)

To activate phone purchases, open the Citadele app in your phone. There are 2 options: 

1) Select Phone Purchases on the start screen. 

2) Log in to the app and select More in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Then press Settings and activate Phone Purchases. 

Press Start. 

Enter your 5-digit mobile app PIN code 

Select Create PIN Code. 

Create a PIN code (this will be used to confirm contactless purchases). 
Confirm your PIN code by entering it a second time. 

You will see a confirmation that your PIN has been created. 
You will be sent a confirmation that all your Citadele cards have been activated for phone payments. 

Select Continue. 

You will be offered the chance to select your main card, which you use most often to make payments. 
Select a card, press Continue.

In this step, you can activate phone payments without opening the app. 
Set a sum which you will be able to spend without entering a PIN code 
Select Confirm.

Now you can securely use your phone for payments. 

See advice on paying using your phone. 


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