Frequently asked questions about online banking

What are the most common problems when trying to connect to Citadele Online Banking with a GO3 / code card?

Login name blocked: Please note that if you enter the wrong password 5 times, your login name will be blocked for 5 minutes. And then you can try 5 more times. But it is better to immediately use the option to change the password remotely - press the "I forgot my password" button on the first Internet banking screen and follow the steps.

Device is locked: If you enter the wrong code from the code card or code (GO3) calculator, do not try to enter it more than 5 times, because then your device will be locked! You will need to call the bank to unlock it.

User not identified (Incorrect user name and/or password): Incorrect login name or password entered. You can find out the Login name of the Online Bank in the signed application "Confirmation of receipt of services" or in the Citadele mobile app, by clicking on the My profile icon, your login name will be indicated there. Check the username you entered - it is case sensitive and does not contain spaces. If the password is incorrect, use the option to change the password remotely - press the Forgot password button in the first view of the Online bank and follow the instructions.

If you do not receive an SMS with a code to connect to the Internet bank, check your phone settings to see if the bank phone number (29300300) is not in the list of blocked numbers. Also, if you have changed your phone number and have not notified the bank, please contact us and inform us of the new phone number.

If you changed your phone number and notified the bank by phone within the last 5 days, call the bank if you need a new password, because in this case it is not possible to reset it remotely.

If you cannot use a code card or GO3 / calculator. If the code card is blocked, lost or otherwise unusable, visit our branch (sign up for a branch visit here) with an identity document (passport or ID card), where you will be issued a new code card.
If your GO3 / calculator does not have a working battery or is lost - visit a branch (sign up for a branch visit here) with an identity document (passport or ID card) to get a new one. However, if you have blocked your GO3 / calculator by entering an incorrect code, contact us by calling 67010000.

Identification not permitted - your code card or code calculator has been blocked. Please contact the bank by calling (+371) 6701 0000 or visit your nearest branch (sign up for a branch visit here) to receive a new code card/code calculator. 

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