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How do I make a SEPA payment in the mobile app?

A SEPA payment is a payment in EUR to a bank within the European Economic Area (see list of countries), and is sent to an IBAN. IBAN is an internationally recognised account number system which precisely identifies the recipient’s account. The length of an IBAN account number is different in every country. Latvian IBAN numbers are 21 characters long and begin with LV. To ensure that the payment is made correctly, the Recipient Account field is a verifiable field.

To make a SEPA payment, after opening the app,

you will be asked to log in with your authorisation device.

After you log in successfully, you will automatically view a screen which shows your account balances.

To access the screen from which you can make a SEPA payment, you must select Pay at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, on the right, you will find a red icon which opens a screen when you click on it. Here, you can make a new payment.

You must complete all the requested fields to make the payment. Some fields have inbuilt control mechanisms, with incorrect details triggering a warning. In this case, check the information and make any corrections. After you enter the payment information, you have to sign and complete the payment. Click “Next” and confirm the payment with your authorisation tool.

Bear in mind:

  • if you make a payment of up to 15 000 EUR, the payment will be made as an instant payment;
  • if amount of the payment is over 10 000 EUR, beneficiary residence must be indicated, as well as the External payment code, if beneficiary residence is not Latvia;
  • you can check your payment limits in Online banking.

You will have to sign the payment using a code from your authorisation device (for example, signing the payment with your MobileSCAN PIN).

On this screen, you can check whether the payment has been submitted to the Bank.

Information about payment fees you will find in Price list.

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